How to Make Your Wedding Flower Budget Go Further

How to Make Your Wedding Flower Budget Go Further When planning a wedding, it is easy to allow the...

How to Make Your Wedding Flower Budget Go Further

When planning a wedding, it is easy to allow the budget to run away from you, this is even the case for your wedding flowers. Before getting married myself I actually had no idea about the cost of wedding flowers or even how much I should budget for them. Like with anything, with a little bit of clever planning, you really can make your flower budget go further.

We teamed up with Maria, from The Flower Patch, to chat about all things flowers.  We’ve worked with Maria for a number of years now and she has spent lots of time adding her floral touches to the tipis and sailcloth. Maria shares with us her expert opinion on making your floral budget go further and how to create eco-conscious wedding flowers. 

Maria of The Flower Patch

She is a British flower grower, with her own beautiful garden where she plants and grows flowers for her couples.  She works with predominantly British grown flowers, and tries to be as eco-friendly as possible in all aspects of her work.

Making Your Flower Budget Go Further

Do Some Yourself

I think you are lucky when you have a blank canvas, like the tipis and sailcloths, and you’ve got access to it the day before. So you can do some of the florals yourself and add a little bit of DIY into it. 

I sell buckets of flowers, for those customers that want to do simple table flowers themselves.  Table flowers and vases can take longer than you think, so doing these yourself instead of the florist, can save money.

make your flower budget go furthermake your flower budget go further


You can repurpose your flowers for different areas of your venue. So we did a wedding not long ago where they had like meadow style flowers for the ceremony area, and then we then moved them after the ceremony to make the table centrepieces.

Milk churns are popular with people getting married in churches.  You can have them in front of the church, and then take them back to decorate your Tipi or Sailcloth walkway.

Using bridal party bouquets as your table flowers is a great way to repurpose your flowers. We can provide the vases for you to just pop the flowers in after your ceremony.

make your flower budget go furthermake your flower budget go further

Go Bigger

If you have got a limited budget, think about having a bigger statement piece. Maybe a hanging installation, entrance arrangements, or something you can have a photo in front of like a frame or an arch.  

Rather than focusing your budget on smaller table pieces.  As there are so many other things to go on the table. If you haven’t got the budget for them, table flowers are an easy option to lose.

make your flower budget go further

Eco-Conscious Flowers

Sustainability is something that is high on everyone’s agenda, and is becoming more important for couples when choosing their wedding flowers. I try to be as eco-friendly as possible in every aspect of my work.

Choosing natural British seasonal flowers is the best option.  If there are certain flowers that you love and you really want to have for your wedding, try and get married when those flowers are in season. So that you don’t have to ship them in and waste the air miles and delivery costs.

Flowers grown abroad use a lot of pesticides that we are not actually allowed to use in this country. As well as being pumped with chemicals to keep them in a closed state and then more chemicals to bring them back to life. So opting for British seasonal flowers will mean you are avoiding this.

Dried flowers are a great option as they are not sprayed or chemically changed in any way.  Making them really natural and eco-friendly. 

Talk to your florist about arrangements that don’t need green foam. It’s totally plastic, with particles going back into the water source, and into the sea. Where they are negatively impacting marine wildlife. 

So we just don’t use it. There are alternatives and different ways of doing arrangements without it. You just have to put a lot more thought into it, thinking differently about getting your floral arrangement mechanics right.

make your flower budget go furthermake your flower budget go further

Floral Confetti

We still see foil confetti being used at weddings, which is a big no-no as it isn’t biodegradable and ends up in fields and farmland.

We can provide dried petal confetti as an alternative. Florists always buy more than they need, to allow for breakages, so there is always petals leftover. So we can sometimes supply the fresh petals, but most of the time it’s dried flowers. 

I am fortunate to have part of my workspace that’s not good for keeping flowers, but is good for drying. So I’m constantly drying them, and storing them in jars.

make your flower budget go furthermake your flower budget go further

Contact Maria

Maria is one of our Sami Tipi recommended suppliers. She has collaborated with us on Tipi and Sailcloth showcase events since 2016 and she really knows her way around the space.

To find out more about Maria’s work you can reach her here:

Website |
Facebook | @flowerpatchuk
Instagram | @theflowerpatchuk

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