We have a whole host of special touches for you to make your Sailcloth Wedding even more special, even more personal, even more “you”.

White Dressing Table
White Dressing Table £36

cake Table
Cake Table £18

Sailcloth Rustic Bar
Large Rustic Bar £288

Octagon Bar £570

Rustic Bar with rope lights above. The lights look amazing but also add additional lighting for your bar team and guests
Rustic Wooden Bar 2m in Length £150

Industrial Bar 3m in Length £192

Sailcloth Vintage Furniture Set
Vintage Furniture Set £228

Bamboo Furniture Set
Bamboo Furniture Set £192

Trestle Table Seating with Cross Back Chairs

Round Tables with Cross Back Chairs

Nordic Pine Table with Bench Seating

Walkway Matting 10m x 2m £36

Festoon Light Set £132 per pole set

Sailcloth Festoon Walkway
Sailcloth Festoon Walkway £240

Festoon Lit Terrace With Outdoor Furniture Sets £684

White Outdoor Furniture Set £144

Tall Table ideal for a welcome drinks display or to host a water station for your guests
Tall Table £48

Baby High Chair
Baby High Chair £9.60

Hanging Wire between poles £18

Whisky Barrel
Whisky Barrel £36

Poseur Table 110cm tall £28.80