Dear Corporate Event Planner,

Is it your responsibility to plan the big corporate launch? Perhaps you’ve been told you’ve got to organise a team-building day and you have no idea where to start? Are you worried that you won’t be able to pull off the outstanding event your boss wants and it will affect your career?

Imagine something goes wrong and someone gets injured due to a sub-standard tent set up by a company not adhering to proper health and safety standards.

The last thing you want is to end up getting overlooked for promotion because poor planning lost a valuable client, or your company getting a bad reputation. Even worse, being dragged into a disciplinary meeting because a lawsuit has been filed against your company due to an injury.

We know that when you’re planning your company’s big event that you need to know everything is compliant with industry safety standards and important things like insurance are covered.

You’re imagining a high-quality tipi structure which has that ‘wow’ factor to really impress your clients and colleagues. A blank canvas that can be crafted to look exactly how you need for your corporate brand but that will also have that extra-special look and feel to it that will make people sit up and take notice.

You can choose from so many different features for your tipi depending on the kind of event you’re planning. Your guests can enjoy a dedicated dancefloor, a bar area, beautiful lighting, fire pits and so many other unique and quirky features to bring your brand vision to life.

And thanks to the meticulous planning of your dedicated event team, you will have everything setup, exactly as you imagined without any dashing around and panicking at the last minute to do it yourself.

You’ll be able to sit back, relax and enjoy the credit for putting on such a fabulous event.

If that sounds good, you’ll want to keep reading and here’s why…

  • We’ve helped over 35,000 people enjoy an outdoor event in our 9 years as a business
  • We’ve provided amazing tipis for the likes of Landrover, Skoda, Capital One, Joules, Leicester University and Nottingham University.
  • 40 years combined experience across the team
  • Supporters of Treetops Hospice Care – Giving back to our local community
  • MUTA Approved – Providing the highest standard of original Nordic Tentipi Products

I’m not sharing you these things to show off…but to let you know that when it comes to planning your event, we’re the experts you need on your side.

Here’s What You Can Expect From Sami Tipi

We’ve helped over 30,000 people enjoy an outdoor event in our 7 years as a business

We’ve helped over 30,000 people enjoy an outdoor event in our 7 years as a business

  • FREE Event Planning Consultation – You will be personally guided by our tipi experts and helped to discover exactly what you need for the size and style of your event and the practicalities of bringing your amazing vision to life.
  • Industry Regulated Safety Standards – As members of MUTA – The UK’s only trade association dedicated to marquees, tents and structures – all of our tipis are up to the highest health and safety standards. We can also provide insurance for your event if you decide you want us to take care of that for you, so you know you’re covered for all eventualities.
  • Invoicing – So you can get the ball rolling as soon as you’re ready, we can provide invoicing to your company so you can get things signed off and get to work.
  • Exclusive VIP Event Invitation – After deciding to work with Sami Tipi, you will be invited as our VIP guest to come and see our wonderful tipis in action. Get a feel for how stunning they’ll look and some inspirational ideas for your event.
  • Event Planning Meetings – You will be invited to two planning meetings where you’ll be able to keep us updated with exactly what you want for your event and we’ll be able to sort out all the necessary logistics for you, ensuring everything is up to the correct health and safety standards. We even provide insurance if you want it!
  • Getting Everything Set Up – You’ll arrive at your venue on the event day to find everything in place and ready to use, just as you’d imagined. With our meticulous set up process the day before, you will be free to focus on your guests and enjoy the satisfaction of praise well-earned.
  • Amaze Your Guests With A Unique Event – As your guests and/or staff arrive at your event, they’ll be left dazzled by the uniqueness and setup of the event. You’ll have potential prospects raving about you all event long, and staff members morales and efficiency is sure to improve.


Your Event Is In Safe Hands

  • With 400 events under our belt, 40 years of combined experience and 900 hours of event planning you can be confident we’ll deliver your perfect event
  • Don’t just take our word for it, read our glowing testimonials from our fantastic customers
  • Rated 5 stars on Google – That’s 100% totally satisfied customers!
  • Trusted members of MUTA – The UK’s only trade association dedicated to marquees, tents and structures – you know that when we set up your tipi it will be safe, secure and most importantly, rain-proof!

  • Marcus Jones

    Fantastic event in a great setting.

  • Amy Swain

    We used Sami Tipi for our company’s 20th anniversary summer party...

  • Caroline Ludlam

    We’ve worked with Sami Tipi for the past five years and...

Take The Stress Out Of Choosing Your Venue

We’ve worked with Landrover, Skoda, Capital One, Joules, Leicester University and Nottingham University.

With what seems like a million and one things to organise on top of your already busy schedule you may feel like you’ve bitten off more than you can chew with an outdoor event but don’t worry, it really doesn’t have to be that way.

Not only will you get your tipi in your ideal arrangement, you can also have all of the furniture and decorations, with everything set up and taken care of without you needing to lift a finger.

We can also put you in touch with our network of trusted suppliers to ensure you can have a truly impressive outdoor tipi event without the stress of having to do everything yourself.

Get Your FREE Availability Check & Pricing Guide

You’re reading this page right now because you want:

  • A truly unique and creative outdoor tipi event that isn’t just what everybody else settles for and really reflects your company’s vision
  • To hire a supplier who has a beautiful collection of stunning tipis and a proven track record making ensuring everything runs like clockwork
  • Pull off an absolutely unforgettable event that your boss, colleagues and clients will still talk about many years from now

As you know already, one of the most important things is your date. Our tipis do tend to book up fast (sometimes years in advance). Make sure you don’t put this off to make sure you don’t end up being disappointed.

Simply click on the button below and tell us where to send your availability check and prices. You can then find out in your own time which options work best for you.

Alternatively you can give us a call on: 01332 806040 and someone will be glad to speak to you to answer any questions you may have.

You Really Have Nothing To Lose

Supporters of Treetops Hospice Care - Giving back to our local community

Supporters of Treetops Hospice Care - Giving back to our local community

Remember, we’re not asking you to make a decision today. Just to check to see if we’re available on your date and give you a better idea of what options are available to help with your planning.

They’ll be no pushy sales calls, just helpful advice from tipi experts if you feel you need it.

Getting the free guide only takes a minute and means you can browse this at your leisure.

But Sami Tipi Isn’t For Everyone

We may only be a small team, but we’ve built a flawless reputation that really speaks for itself. We’ve worked incredibly hard to ensure that we provide tipis of the highest quality with no amount of detail missed when it comes to getting your important event just right.

If you’re looking for the quickest, cheapest possible option out there and would be happy with a generic, run of the mill corporate event, then unfortunately, we’re probably not the best company for you.

But if you want something special, unique and truly unforgettable that you’ll reap the benefits of organising, then stop what you are doing right now, and get your free availability check and pricing guide by clicking the button below.

5 Common-Sense Reasons To Check Availability & Pricing Now

  • It’s so easy and only takes a couple of minutes. Just click on the button below and enter your email and date.
  • You’ll be able to see if your desired date is available. Remember, we book up fast, often a couple of years in advance, so don’t delay!
  • Join the 35,000 other people who have had a fantastic, 5 star rated, outdoor event with Sami Tipi
  • Don’t miss out – Take advantage of our FREE, no obligation availability check and price guide now before your perfect date is snapped up by someone else.
  • MUTA Approved Nordic Tentipis – Providing the highest standard of original Nordic Tentipi Products