BEYOND Tipi and Sailcloth Hire

Tipi and Marquee’s hire prices can vary considerably between different companies, that is because the service, experience, and quality of the structure vary considerably too. We’re focused on providing you with the best service, the best quality structure, backed by an experienced team (we’ve even won awards for this)!

This means we are not the cheapest, as we need to build in time to provide you with the support we feel your event needs and deserves. 

Our quotations have all of the hire items listed, this means you can add or take away items you no longer need as part of your hire. We understand that your ideas will change and adapt so we will remain as flexible as we can to support this.

Your Wedding Planning Journey with Sami Tipi

To give you an idea of what you can expect from Sami Tipi, here is your wedding planning journey mapped out; 


Welcome, you’ve taken an incredible step forward in planning your own outdoor wedding. We have a number of suppliers that we work with that offer Sami Tipi couples special offers. Once you have booked, we will share all of these details with you.


Not all sites will require a site visit as it may be a venue we’ve been to before. If however, a site visit is needed, Craig or Will from our Team will meet with you. This is an opportunity to discuss the site layout and review the best place for toilets, generator and other suppliers you may have involved in your day. After this we will create a site plan for you – this is a working document that will form part of our wedding planning with you. This is shared with our dream team of tipi and sailcloth builders. PLUS we share this plan with your other key suppliers. This way everyone knows where they will be located in your wedding field.


We will have a number of events for you to see the Tipis and Sailcloth prior to your big day. As a rule, these tend to be in the Spring and Autumn. Make a note of these in your diary. We always try and mix up what will be on show, so we would 100% recommend coming to the event that represents your space if you can.


We understand you have never done this before. Our dedicated planning meetings will leave you with a clear picture of the timeline of your day and how your Tipi/Sailcloth space is going to work for you.  This tends to happen 6 months before your celebration date. At this point, you tend to have a good idea of your guest numbers and have your key suppliers booked. The purpose of this is to try and bring to life your vision a little more and finish the meeting with an updated site plan a sketched out running order, and a floor plan bespoke to your needs. By taking the time to understand your vision, this also helps us to make recommendations to support your ideas.


This tends to happen 4-6 weeks prior to your celebration date. At this point, you will have all of your rsvp’s back so that we can finalise your hire items, floor plan and electrical requirements. We will then take the time to share and communicate this with your wider supplier team.

We’ll work with your wedding team. The freedom of an outdoor wedding means you can work with the suppliers you want to work with, creating your own wedding team. We’ll work closely with these suppliers to 

  • 1) understand their needs for space, furniture and power, 
  • 2) communicate with them on what has been allocated and where within the tipis. 

Simply so you do not have to. Saving you time. We want to make this as easy as possible for you.

The purpose of our final planning meeting is to create what we call a handover document for our build team. So they have all the information they need and a clear plan for what we have agreed we are working towards. This is also shared with your key suppliers. During this meeting, we will get into the nitty-gritty of your internal cabling and electrical setup.​ ​If we have not hired in your generator but you still wish for us to manage your electrical set-up internally, there will be a small charge for the power distribution.

As we’ve invested time in your wedding planning and communicated with your team of suppliers, we are clear on what we are delivering to you. Put simply a quality stress-free build that has taken into consideration all your needs, guest needs and needs of your suppliers. With this clear understanding, our setup team are able to deliver to you an efficient build with outstanding passion and quality.

We’ll leave you with the best celebration space to enjoy with your family and friends.


A final check-in with you before our team arrives for your Tipi/Sailcloth build. This is also when we will agree on any weather contingencies that may be needed. This can include how much of your structure is open, or if a heater is needed?  


The handover. This is the exciting part, as your floor plan that we’ve meticulously planned on paper now comes to life. We will walk you through it showing you where the power points are, if you have the fire pit, this is when we’ll do a demonstration of how to open the smoke caps, take care of the fire and start and stop the generator.


We leave this one to you – Celebrate and PARTY. Although we are not with you, we are at the end of the phone if we are needed. During your celebration, two main things are monitored remotely! 

  1. The Weather. If we come into strong winds that we had not planned for and we feel a site inspection is required, we will be on-site to ensure everything is safe. This is something that we monitor consistently.
  2. The Generator. We work with AMPower who’s generators are fitted with an advanced telemetry system enabling their technicians to provide off-site support at the touch of a button should any problems arise. This ensures the power to your event will run as smoothly as possible with no disruptions.


The takedown is always pre-agreed with you. For a Saturday wedding, this will be as a rule the Sunday or Monday. We’ll take care to ensure we leave the site tidy, taking any consumables with us – no one wants a field or garden full of cable ties.


Don’t Just Take Our Word For It..

“..completely stress free”

“…From start to finish and everything in-between you have been fantastic”

Beyond tipi and Sailcloth Hire
“Sami Tipi made the whole process so easy…”


A little look at how your journey comes to life..