We have a whole host of personal touches for you to make your day even more special, even more personal, even more, “you”.

Festoon Lighting and Walkway

Festoon Walkway - WOW your guests at night with this fabulous display of night. The perfect welcome in to the tipis as well as being super practical add adding extra lighting to your outdoor space
Festoon Walkway £264

Festoon Walkway – Light the way to your tipis with our magical festoon walkway.

Included in this package are 6 giant crooks (3m in height), festoon lighting down your walkway and around your tipi frontage plus 10m of matted walkway. 

Additional walkway matting per 10m x 2m – £36

Around the front of your tipi entrance;
One Giant Hat Tipi – £65
Two Giant Hat Tipis – £87
Three Giant Hat Tipis – £130

Additional Festoon Lighting £21.60 per 5m 

Festoon Terrace

Festoon Terrace £416

Tipi WOW Lighting

Hanging Copper Lighting frame with Edison bulbs hanging creating a feature for your Tipi space. This hangs perfectly in the centre of your giant hat tipi and can be naked to see the full copper frame or with the faux ivy and greenary
Copper Lighting £144

Copper Lighting with Paper Star Lights £192

Hanging Jar Light £96

Rope Light - this works perfectly above your bar space as it looks amazing but also adds additional light for an area that also has to be functional. The rope light is a perfect win
Rope Light perfect above the bar £72

Neon Signs

Neon hanging sign Better Together ideal for behind the top table for a wedding celebration in a Tipi or Sailcloth Tent
“Better Together” £150

Lets Dance Neon Sign add a little neon to your dance floor area with this fabulous sign
“Let’s Dance” £120

Disco Ball with Spot lights creates an incredible effect at night in your tipi space. Everyone will want to dance the night away under all of this twinkle
Disco Ball with Spot Lights £90

Somewhere to Sit

Our Nordic pine tables and benches are a great compliment to a relaxed tipi celebration, but we also understand that some guests may also want a chair, so why not mix them up.

If you would prefer a more formal seating arrangement our 5’6 round tables are perfect for this.

Unsure of how best to arrange your top table? Why not choose a Sweetheart Table the perfect size for two.

Nordic Pine Table £21.60

Wooden Folding Chair
Wooden Folding Chair £4.20

Sweet Heart Table if you are looking for a small dining space just for the two of you a sweet heart table can be the perfect solution for you.
3′ Sweet Heart Table £7.20

Sweet Heart Table if you are looking for a small dining space just for the two of you a sweet heart table can be the perfect solution for you.
6ft Long, Sweet Heart Table £10.80

Nordic Pine Bench £10.80

Nordic Pine Bench seating a perfect compliment to the Nordic Pine Tables measuring 2m in length. These can seat up to 8 guests per table
Nordic Pine Bench £10.80

Round Table seating in a Tipi
5’6 Round Table £11.76

Baby High Chair
Baby High Chair £9.60

Special Table Options

With any celebration, there is normally a need for “another” table. We’ve got a collection of different tables, suitable for cakes, cards and the guest book.

Industrial Style Table, ideal for your wedding cake and sweet treats
Industrial Style Table £24

Grey Dresser ideal for a guest book, card table or even a place for the wedding cake
Grey Dressing Table £18

Navy Dresser ideal for a cake display
Navy Dressing Table £18

Whisky Barrel - These have so many uses, ideal for the cake or just extra table space for guests to rest their drinks on
Whisky Barrel £36

Console Table
Cake Table £18

Tall Table ideal for a welcome drinks display or to host a water station for your guests
Tall Crate Unit £48

Lantern and 1.2m Crook £5.40 each

Little Hat Tipi by Sami Tipi perfect for a bar, relaxed seating or even a small outdoor al fresco dining space
Little Hat Tipi with Fairy Lights £474

Tipi Side Extension

Tipi Band Extension if you need a little extra space in your Tipi for your Band or Bar, the extension lifts the sides to square an area off giving lots more floor and head space.
Band Extension £390

Stage section is 8ft x 4ft in size and provides an elevated and solid floor for your wedding band
Stage section is 8ft x 4ft in size. £60 per section


Chill-Out Zone

We have a range of furniture that is ideal to create a more relaxed space for you and your guests. These look great within our chill-out tipi or by creating a chill-out zone in your Giant Hat and Sailcloth space.

Soft Furniture
Soft Grey Furniture Set £156

Bamboo Furniture Set £192

Relaxed Furniture Set with coffee tables, open fire place, bean bag cubes and arm chairs. Create a zone for guests to just relax
Relaxed Furniture Set inc. Open Fire £495

Real Flame open fire within Tipi. The open fire creates a honey pot of social gathering
Bamse Indoor Fire £246

Nordic Pine Bench with fur throw
Nordic Pine Bench with fur throw £26.40

Rustic Bar with rope lights above. The lights look amazing but also add additional lighting for your bar team and guests
Rustic Wooden Bar Structure: 2m in Length £150

Large Rustic Bar perfect for a 250 guest celebration within the tipis or Sailcloth Tent
Large Pallet Bar £288

Octagon Bar £570

Industrial Bar 3m in Length
Industrial Bar 3m in Length £192

Poseur Table ideal for evening guests to have a spot to stand around without the need for a formal seat.
Poseur Table 110cm tall £28.80

Outdoor Furniture

White Outdoor Furniture Set £144

The Naked Tipi

Naked Tipi with fairy lights - ideal for a ceremony back drop or alfresco dining space with a little extra WOW
Naked Tipi with Fairy Lights £594

Ceremony Backdrop

Wooden Ceremony Arch (no flowers included) £36

Clear Frontage

Clear Frontage
Our Clear frontage is perfect for those Spring and Autumn events that still want to enjoy the views but need a little extra protection from the elements. Prices from £295 +vat.

See full details about our Tipi Clear frontage here.

Glamping Village

Glamping Tipi Guest Village for a luxury stay in the great outdoors
Glamping Tipi hire from £155

Why not extend your evening and stop in one of our Glamping Tipis. Prices start from £155, with packages available for bulk booking. See more on our Glamping page.

Festival Flag the must have for an outdoor festival wedding celebration
Festival Flag Available in white/cream or blues. £36

Catering Area

Tipi Catering Annex and Joiner. Made from the same canvas as the tipis.
Catering Annex and Joiner to Tipis £756

Our 6m x 6m catering annex can either connect to the tipis or not. The joiner provides a walkway space for your caterers to move into the tipis with ease. The peak of the catering annex compliments the tipis perfectly and is made of the same tipi canvas. Included in your catering tent is flooring, lighting and 4 catering tables.  Additional tables can be hired.

Outdoor Games

Giant Jenga £21.60


Image Credits to:

Ed Brown Photography | Yvonne Lishman Photography | Christopher Terry Photography | Matt Brown Photography | Hannah Hall Photography | Megan Wilson Photography