Sami Tipi Special Touches for your celebration

Special Touches


We have a whole host of personal touches for you to make your day even more special, even more personal, even more “you”.


Festoon Walkway – Light the way to your tipis with our magical festoon walkway.

Included in this package are 6 giant crooks (3m in height), festoon lighting down your walkway and around your tipi frontage plus 10m of matted walkway. £175 +vat

Additional walkway matting
10m x 2m
£35 +vat


Giant Festoon Walkway

Festoon Lighting

Festoon lighting over the top of the tipis
Festoon walkway
Festoon walkway

Available to light your walkway, around your tipi entrance or even over the top of your tipis.

Around the front of your tipi entrance;                          Festoons over the top of our tipis;

1 Giant Hat Tipi – £54 +vat                                                       2 Giant Hat Tipis – £108 +vat
2 Giant Hat Tipis – £72 +vat                                                     3 Giant Hat Tipis – £162 +vat
3 Giant Hat Tipis – £108 +vat

Additional festoon lights can be added. £18 +vat per 5m string

Lantern Walkway

Our 1.2m shepherds crooks with lanterns are available to hire for £4.00 +vat each

Silver Lanterns

Copper Lighting Chandelier

This creates a real focal point, our industrial style copper chandelier is complimented perfectly with the Emerson bulbs. £130 +vat

Copper Lighting Chandelier | Available to hire for your Sami Tipi Event

Lighting Shelf

[NEW FOR 2017] Create the WOW with our NEW industrial style lighting shelf. £130 +vat


Copper Chandelier Available to hire from Sami Tipi
Sami Tipi Lighting Shelf

Rope Light

[NEW FOR 2018] This rope light highlights the bar area perfectly. £60 +vat



Adding in the magic

Our disco ball creates a dazzling effect on the tipis at night, a must for all party lovers.
£75 +vat including disco ball and 3 spot lights.

Fairy lights add the magic to your tipi space and we always like to add lots for you. Each tipi has 9 vertical poles, why not add the magic to all of them.
9 Pole Set of Fairy Light String £110+vat

9 Pole set of fairy lights Available to hire from Sami Tipi
Disco Ball and Fairy Lights | Available to hire for your Sami Tipi Event



Nordic Pine Table with Chairs
Wooden Folding Chairs
Wooden Folding Chairs
Sweet Heart Table

Somewhere to Sit

Our Nordic pine tables and benches are a great compliment to a relaxed tipi celebration, but we also understand that some guests may also want a chair, so why not mix them up.

If you would prefer a more formal seating arrangement our 5’6 round tables are perfect for this.

Unsure of how best to arrange your top table? Why not hire our Sweetheart Table the perfect size for two.

Nordic Table £16 +vat
Nordic Bench £8 +vat
5’6 Round Table £9 +vat
3′ Sweet Heart Table £8 +vat
Nordic Bench Seat £8 +vat
Wooden Folding Chair £3.50 +vat
Cross Back Chair £4.50 +vat [NEW FOR 2017]
Baby High Chair £12 +vat


Nordic Pine Table with Bench Seating
5'6 round tables
Baby High Chair

Litte Hat Tipi aka The Nimbus

Mini Tipi Tent The Nimbus, Little Hat
Mini Tipi Tent The Nimbus

Little Hat

Our Little Hat aka The Nimbus tipi can be used for many activities, from hosting an outdoor bar, or chill-out area to a place to welcome your guests with their arrival drinks.

Available to hire for just £350 +vat. Why not add in two of our Nordic pine tables and bench seating for just £64 +vat

Hexagonal Bar available to hire (price on request)

Tipi Extension

Side Extension - creating extra floor space for your bar or band

How it works?

Need a little extra room for your band or bar? This side extension is perfect for this.

The tipi extension lifts the side of the tipi, squaring off an area giving additional head room and floor space. There is a zipped entrance point to this, making it easy for your band or bar to access the tipis.

Available to hire for £325 +vat

Side Extension - creating extra floor space for your bar or band
Side Extension - creating extra floor space for your bar or band


We can provide a stage for your band, each section is 8ft x 4ft in size.

Price £50 +vat per section

Chill-Out Zone

We have a range of furniture that is ideal to create a more relaxed space for you and your guests. These look great within our chill-out tipi or by creating a chill-out zone in your giant hat space.

Grey settee and chair set special touches from Sami Tipi
Vintage chairs and coffee table special touches from Sami Tipi

Relaxed Furniture

Vintage set;
including 3 seater settee, 2 Chairs and coffee table £195 +vat
Vintage chairs x2, and vintage coffee table £110 +vat
Tall lamp (feature only) £12 +vat
Nordic pine bench with reindeer skin £20 +vat
Coffee table with 4 bean bag cubes £65 +vat
Coffee table with 4 bean bag cubes & 2 chairs £90 +vat
Grey 2 seater settee, 2 armchairs & coffee table £130 +vat
Woven Set including 2 seater settee, 2 chairs and coffee table £95 +vat
Real Flame Open Fire including logs £195 +vat


Chill-Out Tipi
Open Fire place at night
Relaxed furniture set
Reindeer Skin with bench seating

Wooden Bar & Poseur Table


Rustic Bar

Rustic Wooden Bar Structure:
2m in Length £120 +vat
3m in Length £160 +vat


Rustic Bar

Hanging Rope Light above Bar £60 +vat
Poseur Table 110cm tall £20+vat


Making it Pretty


Hanging Shelf
Blue | Grey Dressing Table | Cake Display
Tea trolly - ideal for a sweet table

Seating Plan Easel
Cake Table by Sami Tipi
Dressing Table and Large White Lanterns

Seating Plan Easel £8 +vat
Hanging Shelf (floral and display items not included) £15 +vat
Cake Table £15 +vat
Navy Table £20 +vat
Tea Trolly ideal for a sweetie table £10 +vat
White Lanterns £7 +vat


The Naked Tipi


Naked Tipi

The naked tipi is exactly that naked. These are hugely popular with our tipi friends down under and we are starting to see the trend move over here. If you are looking for that focal point for your outdoor ceremony, or want to create a funky outdoor seating area, this could be just the thing. Available to hire with or without fairy lights.

Naked Tipi £295 +vat
Add on some sparkle with our fairy lights and up to 40m cable £115 +vat


Clear Frontage

Our Clear frontage is perfect for those Spring and Autumn events that still want to enjoy the views but need a little extra protection from the elements.

Prices from £295 +vat.


PVC Frontage 2 Giant Hat Tipis | Sami Tipi
PVC Frontage | Sami Tipi

Catering Annex and Joiner

Our 6m x 6m catering annex can either connect to the tipis or not. The joiner provides a walkway space for your caterers to move in to the tipis with ease. The peak of the catering annex compliments the tipis perfectly and is made of the same tipi canvas. Included in your catering tent is flooring, lighting and 4 catering tables.  Additional tables can be hired.

Catering Annex £475 +vat

Catering Annex with Joiner £600 +vat

Catering Tables £8 +vat each

Catering Annex
Catering Annex & Catering Joiner

Outdoor Games

Entertain your guests with our outdoor games including coconut shy, giant jenga and skittles
Hire all 3 games for £50 +vat

Outdoor Games
Outdoor Games
Outdoor Games
Extend Your Celebration

Extend your celebration

Not ready to say good bye? Extend your tipi hire for an extra day to continue the celebrations with family and friends.

£250 +vat


Utility Items

Event Generator
Tipi Heater
Luxury Toilet Unit

We offer a full coordination service of your utility items, from hiring in your generator to the luxury loo’s we’ve got it covered for you.

40 Kva Event Generator prices from £450 +vat
Luxury Toilet Unit prices from £370 +vat
Heater including 12 hours of fuel £250 +vat