What If It Rains At An Outdoor Wedding?

But What if it Rains? When planning an outdoor wedding or celebration one thing we get asked over and...

But What if it Rains?

When planning an outdoor wedding or celebration one thing we get asked over and over again is “what if it rains?’

Firstly and foremost, I would say do not worry about it, there really is nothing you can do about the weather, it will be what it will be. However, there are certain contingencies and Plan B’s you can put in place.

Do the tipis let water in?

No. The design of the tipi fabric and structure means the rainwater will run off of it. If you have an opening with a lifted side, this may create a drip at the entrance to the tipis but other than seeing the rain run off at the front there really will be no other indication it is raining. Our tipis are purchased from Tentipi and the fabric undergoes vigorous tests in all kinds of weather conditions.

If you wanted to see the waterproof test in action, here is a short video:


How can we plan for rain?

There are lots of contingency plans you can put in place in case of bad weather, we would always recommend having plan B’s in place as this will give you peace of mind too. Here are a few of our top tips:

Outdoor Ceremony

Often couples opt to celebrate their marriage with an outdoor ceremony. We would always recommend a wet/bad weather contingency for this. As a rule, the tipi housing your dance floor lends itself very well to hosting this. You can utilize your dining furniture too. Guests can either sit at their table settings, you could create a seating area, or have guests stand to watch you.

Also remember if you are having a wedding celebrant, they will as a rule happily wait to see if the rain passes if it looks to be a short shower.

Plenty of space in the Tipis

When considering how many tipis you would like, try and allow for a little extra room in case you cannot enjoy the outdoor space. Our job is to make you and your guests feel comfortable, by having the right number of tipis for your guest numbers this will help.

Additional weatherproofing

We can also offer Clear Frontage. This fills the open area to the front of the tipis but allows you still to enjoy the stunning views of your venue.

Clear Frontage Sami Tipi weather proofing


Other Special Touches

You may wish to add in a few of your own special touches for example:- a basket of umbrellas, a tall bucket for guests to put their umbrellas in. You can also help to keep guests warm and cosy with a basket of snuggle blankets.

What is the Flooring?

When we place your mat flooring down, this is a product called Dandy Dura, this is laid over a plastic membrane to keep the water out.

Our Final Tip is to Embrace It!

If it does rain, our advice would be to embrace it. Work with your photographer to capture images you will remember forever. And remember it could actually be a sunny day without a cloud in sight.


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