Bale Seating at an Outdoor Wedding

Bale Seating for an Outdoor Wedding Picture your wedding day, the summer sun is beaming down, the sound of...

Bale Seating for an Outdoor Wedding

Picture your wedding day, the summer sun is beaming down, the sound of an acoustic guitar gently playing, a circle of your closest friends and family together around the campfire sat on….wait for it….STRAW BALES! Sound amazing? We think so! Which is why we are dedicating this blog post to the mighty straw bale.

Did you notice we have called them straw bales and not hay bales? There is a difference one is made of hay and is generally more expensive than it’s cousin the straw bale which is made of straw.

Here at Sami Tipi we feel the strawbale perfectly compliments our tipis. They are 100% natural, environmentally friendly and perfectly suited to the outdoors. Just cover them up overnight so that your guests don’t get soggy bottoms!

The farmer or supplier will deliver the straw bales to your venue and then also collect them afterwards for further use. If you decide to purchase your straw bales outright they can be put to good use in the garden or converted into vegetable planters as a reminder of a special wedding day. That’s good economy!

Straw Bale Uses?

Bale seating has become a bit of an outdoor wedding trend. Long gone are the days whereby couples and their guests are tied to the traditional trestle tables and chairs. Our Sami Tipi couples are regularly choosing Hay Bales for the ceremony, reception and social seating.  Straw Bales fit perfectly into the outdoor wedding setting as they are so flexible, the bales can be left ‘naked’ or beautifully dressed with bale covers to fit any unique wedding theme.


Straw bales don’t just need to play a practical function, use them to create focal points and decorative elements throughout your big day. Think of using them to prop up table plans, hold directional signs, create a beautiful aisle archway or to make a photo booth backdrop.

Where to hire?

There are a number of providers in the East Midlands, we recommend Party Bales  If you would like more information or would just like to talk hay bales contact Steve and his friendly team, who are knowledgeable and helpful and always full of creative ideas.


Straw Bales can sometimes come as a package deal with your venue of choice. For example, if you choose to celebrate your wedding at Cuttlebrook, Derbyshire they are included in the venue hire cost. Click here


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