Cuttle Brook Snowy Open Event

So Why Do An Open Event in March? WHY WHY WHY!! Hosting an open event for March was planned...

So Why Do An Open Event in March?

WHY WHY WHY!! Hosting an open event for March was planned based on having lots of gorgeous couples enquire about celebrating their own tipi wedding after getting engaged over the Christmas period.

We thought a glorious Spring Showcase would be the perfect date and event for couples to come and enjoy the atmosphere of the tipis and get a better understanding of how their day could look and feel, personally I feel we pulled this off perfectly HOWEVER it wasn’t without its trials and testing times!

We were repeatedly questioned if we were proceeding with the open day based on the weather forecast not looking too great. When reviewing the site on the Tuesday it was agreed the ground conditions were solid and still 100% perfect for the tipis to be erected on. Then came the rain, and more rain and more rain! Anyone that lives locally to Swarkestone knows that most of the area was flooded. The event field was even pretty wet, the Swans were having a great time, but still the area where the tipis were going at Cuttle Brook was solid ground.

Plan A, B, C, D, E….

We had always planned to showcase three giant hat tipis, but plan A was to have them arranged in a triangle formation. After much discussion, it was decided due to the weather an arc (no pun intended) would work better with the site, on to plan B. The forecast ahead was bleak, with high winds and the return of the beast from the east, so we knew we needed the tipis fully pinned down with no opening like we would for a summer wedding, this is when Plan C kicked in, THE DOORS. Karl and Matt from the team hot footed it down to Tentipi HQ to collect our newly purchased Oak Doors. These looked amazing on the front of the tipis and we were so glad we made the investment in them.

With the cold front and wet ground conditions, our next challenge was car parking. We had always planned for cars to be parked on a new gravelled area at Cuttle Brook, but again with the wet weather, the laying of this had to be delayed. Time for Plan D! Thankfully with Cuttle Brook being located on a farm, we had various other options. All guests parked on the hardstanding area at the farm with a short walk down the track to the tipis. A short walk in 43 mph bitterly cold winds isn’t the nicest of conditions. In comes Plan E! The taxi service. We offered couples and their families a shuttle service from the car parking area down to the tipis – A welcome greeting by all.

It was all worth it

When planning any wedding or event, we always talk about the plan A and B, this weekend alone demonstrated this to us. However with our resourceful and experienced team we got through the weekend, receiving such positive feedback from all those attending.

The snow, rain, winds and the bloody beast from the east just demonstrated the capabilities of the tipis and how they really do embrace the elements!

Thank you to everyone that ventured out over the weekend, it really was appreciated. As small local businesses, we stood around the fire pit on the Sunday and just agreed that the day would be what it would be, even if no-one turned up we would just enjoy the space and talk business and ideas with each other! BOY how we were all amazed, you guys were amazing venturing out to see the tipis and support the local businesses that were supporting us too. A Big thank you to everyone that attended the open event over the weekend.

A Look at the Weekend

Emily Little Photography captured the day and some of the pretty detail too;

Thank You

The biggest of thank you’s to all the suppliers for venturing out in the weather and supporting us throughout the weekend and also family and who were called in to help! You are all amazing.

So What is Next

We have a host of showcasing events coming up over the course of the coming months. To find our more about these see our events page here;

Suppliers Who Helped to Make This Possible;

Venue | Cuttle Brook, Swarkestone
Photographer | Emily Little Photography
Styling | Tickety Boo Events
Florals | Jo Beth Floral Design
Banner | Darwin & Grey
Stationery | Page-Looker
Celebrant | My Perfect Ceremony
Bar | Mambo Mobile Bars
Caterer | Thomas The Caterer
Wedding Cake | Manor House Bakery
Linen | Executive Linen
Luxury Toilets | Knifton Mobile Toilets
Generator | Mainline Hire