Wedding Planning Advice During Covid

Wedding Planning Advice During Covid

With so many gorgeous weddings planned for this Spring, we really do want you to remain excited about planning your wedding. We understand that it feels so difficult to make any plans at the moment, that life almost feels like it is on hold. But it really isn’t, this will pass and we all need something to be excited about and look forward to. I cannot think of anything better than a wedding. Here we share our wedding planning advice and tips during covid, especially for Spring 2021 weddings.

Wedding Planning Tips

Planning a wedding is an exciting time, it marks a new chapter in your life, that you naturally want to share with your closest family and friends. Here I have recorded this short video, for you particularly if your wedding date is the first half of 2021.

In truth, we still don’t know how it looks, but we still want to plan a wedding. We still want to be excited about something very special. Have a watch;

Write Your Guest List A, B, C, D, E…

If you’re spending a bit of time this weekend wedding planning, your guest list is going to be a real driving force. The question is how many people you can celebrate with? At the moment we do not know those numbers. What we can do is look at what happened last year and hope that we get to 30 again and beyond pretty quickly.

My advice is to write those guest lists and it’s about having those plans, A, B, C, D’s in our back pocket, so we can just pull on them when we’re ready for it. Write your guest list out and the guest list A is that absolute, without question, has to be there. Who are the first 15 people that without question, you don’t want to get married unless these people were there for you? What’s that list look like? And then go up to the next step, which based on guidelines, I’d say go for 30 and then 50, and then from there maybe 80, 100, so that you’ve got all these lists in your back pocket.

Create Your Guest List Numbers

There is going to be a number that you go, actually, do you know what, if it is 50 (for example), we’re happy with that. It just might help you make decisions if and when you have to make those choices. We’re going to hit a crossroads in your wedding planning this year. If you are getting married in April or May, you are now armed with your lists, which will help you to make a decision a little quicker if you have to.

Leave Taking Action as Long as you Feel Comfortable with

At some point, you will have to make a decision about your wedding day. I would advise leaving making a decision to the latest point you feel comfortable with. Once we know what we’re faced with, you can kind of go, right, okay, well that kind of draws us onto guest list B. We’ve got our 30 guests numbers. We’re happy with that.

What to Tell Your Guests

So just spend that time. If that’s what you’re doing this weekend, having a little bit of wedding planning time, start thinking about those A, B, C, D’s. Now, those guests never need to know which list they’re on. That’s not important. The reality is you can tell everybody, we’d love you to be there if we can. We will be making decisions when we know we can.

Your guests will be so understanding with this. Doing this might just help you to get a little bit of clarity for your day and how you see it. Getting clear on what is important to you. The key is what’s important is getting married, right!


Thank you for reading and watching, Big Love

Jodie x


Getting Excited

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