MUTA Member – What Does This Even Mean?

MUTA Member – What Does This Even Mean?

In short, MUTA is the Kite Mark for Tent and Marquee providers in the UK. Ensuring your event is in safe hands, with a trusted supplier and an experienced team. It is the UK’s only trade association dedicated to marquees, tents and structures. When you hire any outside structure you want to make sure that they are a MUTA member.

Have a watch;

At Sami Tipi we have just WON an award at the NATIONAL event for The Wedding Industry Awards. What happens with this award is that we get feedback from our couples that voted and see what they had to say which was just beautiful. But the thing that I go straight to, is the constructive feedback, how can we improve, what can we move forward on.

One of the judges in the process said;

“You’re a MUTA member. You’re not shouting about it enough.”

So today I’ve come on to shout about the fact that we’re a MUTA member. Craig’s actually on the executive committee and we don’t shout about it enough, but why not? I’ll tell you why, what the hell is MUTA? What does it even mean?

Why is being a MUTA Member a Big Deal?

Well, it’s a big deal actually. MUTA is a little bit like Ofsted for schools. So yeah, it is a big thing for us, but not everybody’s in MUTA, I think that’s why it’s even more important. It means that your event is in safe, trusted and an experienced team. To become a member a structure company need;

✅ Been in business for more than 2 years
✅ Have over £1m at least in public liability insurance and
✅ Have demonstrated with on-site inspections that the structure build is of the highest quality of safety standards.


MUTA have available on their site a “guide to hiring a marquee”, you will be able to find this on the bottom of their home page

Thank you for reading and watching, Big Love

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