Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Questions Answered

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Questions Answered Are you contemplating whether or not to have an outdoor wedding ceremony?  Well we...

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Questions Answered

Are you contemplating whether or not to have an outdoor wedding ceremony?  Well we have you outdoor wedding ceremony questions answered here.

We work really closely with the lovely Jo from My Perfect Ceremony. She has been amazing and talked us through some of the questions she gets asked the most.

So have a read through, and learn all the details about own outdoor wedding ceremonies.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Questions Answered

About My Perfect Ceremony

My Perfect Ceremony is a multi award-winning celebrant company. With over 15 years experience of writing and conducting beautiful ceremonies. We offer a service which allows couples to have a bespoke ceremony to suit their individual style. Whatever that may be, from large to small, simple to complex. We can cater for all needs and have lots of ideas to help you along the way. Our style is relaxed and informal. We love to listen to your story (normally over a cup of tea!) and create the perfect ceremony for you. Here we offer our thoughts on some of the most common questions our clients ask.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Questions Answered

How can we personalise our ceremony?

Oh wow, where do we start??!! We feel SO privileged to be part of a couple’s special day. It is important to us that our couples enjoy the ceremony and we try to make sure that they are involved as much or as little as they want to be with the content. It can be traditional, relaxed, have religious content, a sand ceremony, hand fasting, a candle ceremony, ring-warming, the choice is endless.

Whilst it is a serious commitment our couples are making, the ceremony itself does not have to be solemn and serious. It can be fun, warm and light-hearted if that is what they want. We aim for a ceremony filled with love, laughter, celebration and a few happy tears!

Every element of the ceremony can be personalised. Our ceremonies are individually written for our couples and they reflect their personalities. We work closely with our clients and can tailor each element of the ceremony which can include personally written wedding vows, readings, hymns/songs or any ritual (religious or non-religious) that couples desire.

Getting family and friends involved to do a reading, or a specially written poem (as long as they are confident at public speaking of course!) is a great way to make your ceremony more personal.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Questions AnsweredOutdoor Wedding Ceremony Questions Answered

Individual personalisation

It doesn’t have to be screamingly obvious why you have chosen everything. In the picture above there is a simple cross, tied with a red ribbon. This was actually a ‘nod’ to a hand fasting ceremony, where instead of hands being tied, 2 twigs were taken from 2 different trees in the couple’s garden; one was their favourite tree, the other was from the tree they planted when they 1st moved in together.

One of the couple was Christian, the other not. A red ribbon was used to tie the knot to symbolise the blood of Christ, as a nod to Christianity that would play a part in their marriage, even if not practiced by both, binding their love together in a knot that could not be undone.

I love the simplicity of the appearance, but the deep meaning to them behind the ritual. 

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Questions Answered

What about the weather?

The only part of the ceremony that we cannot guarantee is the weather. There are many options available to couples to take into consideration the good old British weather. If the rain clouds dare to appear on the big day, it’s always good to have a plan B.

  1. Plan a ceremony area in the Tipi or Sailcloth (usually on the dance floor)
  2. Make sure you have a ‘Wet Weather Team’. The members of your team will each have jobs to do if it is raining, such as moving chairs from outside to inside, and to directing wedding guests where to go.
  3. Embrace the weather ! Unless it’s torrential rain, why not provide a basket of umbrellas for your guests to use. We have clear and white umbrellas, making a stylish addition to the day.
  4. We are super-chilled at My Perfect Ceremony and won’t be rushing off to conduct another ceremony, so why not let the rain cloud pass, enjoy a drink inside the tipi and let the ceremony commence once the rain clouds have passed?
  5. It might sound obvious, but let your guests know the ceremony will be outside and definitely if it’s going to be on grass. Providing heel stoppers for your guests to stop those gorgeous heels sinking into the ground is always a lovely little touch. 
  6. Our white umbrellas double up as sunshades, which have been used numerous times to give a little shade from the heat of the sun. Think about providing bottles of water, fans and suncream for your guests if your day’s predicted to be a scorcher!

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Questions Answered

Can we have our dog at the ceremony?

It’s an absolute yes from us! We love animals and understand they are part of the family.

We have had dogs walk with their owner down the aisle, bringing the rings down the aisle on a cushion or tied around their neck, or greeting their owners once the ‘I do’s’ have been said. Wedding outfits for your 4 legged family member are readily available, so they don’t feel left out.

Now we also understand that some dogs will be so excited to see you at the ceremony, they won’t be able to contain themselves from racing up to you to give you a big hug and paw print on the day!

IF that’s the case, having them brought by a dog walker or friend later in the day for photos is always an option. 

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Questions AnsweredOutdoor Wedding Ceremony Questions AnsweredKind words

We absolutely LOVE what we do and are always striving to know more and constantly improve.

I mean really love it. You know when you feel like you have found exactly what you are meant to be doing? It’s the best feeling in the world when you know you have done a good job and the client is thrilled.

Here are some kind words from a recent couple …

“Colin and I just wanted to get in touch to thank you SO much for delivering such a fantastic ceremony for our wedding last week. It was everything we hoped for and more, we’re still replaying and reminiscing it all. The way you delivered our “best bits” about each other was perfect, it’s safe to say our loved ones were all in tears! Thanks again, we wish we could do it all again!”

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To get your own Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Questions Answered, speak to Jo at My Perfect Ceremony. Pop over to her webpage http://myperfectceremony.co.uk/


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