Feeding Your Guests For An Outdoor Wedding

Feeding Your Guests For An Outdoor Wedding The joy of an outdoor wedding is that it gives you the...

Feeding Your Guests For An Outdoor Wedding

The joy of an outdoor wedding is that it gives you the flexibility to have the day that you want and that even comes down to how you choose to feed your guests.

I got together with Tom AKA Thomas The Caterer to discuss exactly that. Excuse my jacket potato comment – I clearly had no imagination on that day!!

Thomas The Caterer Shares his Expertise

Jodie:                           Hi, it’s Jodie here from Sami Tipi. And what I wanted to do today was talk to you about feeding your guests. Now, the great thing with having a Tipi wedding is it’s your rules, and that also comes down to the catering. So that’s why I wanted to introduce to you today my awesome friend, the award-winning Thomas the Caterer.

Thomas:                      Hello.

Jodie:                          So, Thomas, tell us then what are the options when it comes to feeding your guests in a Tipi wedding?

Thomas:                      Well, at Thomas the Caterer, we can do whatever you like. It’s not the case of here’s the menu, choose from it. We provide [inaudible] service where we create a menu A, B, and C. So, really, it’s up to you, where you can create what you like and have what you wish as opposed to being told, which is what I’ve based my whole business on, and it seems to do quite well.

Jodie:                          Excellent. So if I like to eat jacket potatoes, curry, these are sort of options available to me?

Thomas:                      Yeah. So we can dress it up a little bit. We don’t want a Tuesday morning lunch, but yeah, we can do pretty much whatever you like. If you, really, really love jacket potatoes, we can do an awesome job with the jacket potatoes.

Jodie:                          So when cooking in the field, Thomas, what do you need or what do you need from your bride and groom?

Thomas:                      Great access, good lighting, fresh water ideally, and a good power of electricity, whether it’s a generator or mains. Just make sure there’s some good power in there. That’s it, really. Some tables is delicious, and a nice catering annex, which I’m sure you can provide.

Jodie:                          We can certainly have a catering annex.

Thomas:                      That’s pretty much it. We’ll bring everything else, all the cookers, the crockery, the cutlery, the [inaudible] staff, [inaudible] managers, chefs. So all you need to, really, decide upon for me is what you want from us in terms of the menu.

Jodie:                          So is it difficult to cook in a field? I mean, where do you do the food? Is that something you cook in —

Thomas:                      We prep everything here at Tom’s Towers, and then it gets taken to the Tipis, where we then, essentially, finish it off. So, for example, say, when we’re doing like — this is a very bland example — chicken wrapped in Parma ham, we would wrap all the chickens in Parma ham here, and then take them to the field and cook it. So there’s no real knives chucking away. We’re actually getting it done, cooked, and out.

Jodie:                          And what do you have staff wise for canapes and welcome drinks?

Thomas:                      Absolutely. From the moment that you get there, you really don’t have to lift a finger. I’ll start with serving drinks. Obviously, serve our canapes, and work with you as much as we can whilst we’re on site to do whatever we can.

Jodie:                          Fab. So catering for a Tipi wedding, how awesome is it?

Thomas:                      Super awesome.

Jodie:                          Yeah.

Thomas The Caterer

Want to know more about Thomas The Caterer’s bespoke menus? Find out more at www.thomasthecaterer.co.uk


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