Sarah & Jon’s Three Giant Hat Tipi Wedding

Bawdon Lodge Farm Wedding in Three Giant Hat Tipis This real wedding is one of our favourites. We have...

Bawdon Lodge Farm Wedding in Three Giant Hat Tipis

This real wedding is one of our favourites. We have been very excited to share it with you all. The lovely Sarah and Jon got married at the fabulous Bawdon Lodge Farm in their barn.  Afterwards they continued their celebration in three giant hat tipis.

They planned their wedding over an 18 month timeline. Taking the time to enjoy their wedding planning journey. We first met them at one of the Bawdon Lodge Farm Tours, which gave them an insight in to “how to have the wedding that you want”. The following weekend they attended The Bohemian Festival. This was a nighttime event in three giant hat tipis offering them an experiential evening. Thomas The Caterer was the host of the night, serving up delicious bowl food. Maria from the Flower Patch was demonstrating flower crown making whilst Hannah Hall was capturing the evening behind the lens. This all helped Sarah and Jon to get a real insight in to how their day could both look and feel. From this night they decided that not only did they want a tipi wedding, but they wanted three giant hat tipis configured in an Arc. They also found their wedding caterer, florist and photographer. What a fabulous event for them to attend.

Enjoy Your Wedding Planning Journey

If there is one thing we take away from Sarah and Jon’s approach to wedding planning it really is to enjoy it. By attending and experiencing these different events it was all part of their wedding planning journey, from the Ginema at Bawdon Lodge Farm, Super Club with Thomas The Caterer and Showcase events with ourselves. By the time their wedding came around they felt like good friends.

Every detail of their day was personal to them, from the colouring in RSVP cards, to the bake off cake table to the hand knitted bride and groom. There was also one special guest making a star appearance, their dog. We are often asked if pets are allowed at tipi weddings, YES as they are part of your family too.

Please enjoy looking over their day captured by Hannah Hall, you can really see the joy and happiness on everyone’s faces.

Three Giant Hat Tipi Wedding;

Three giant hat tipis setup at bawdon lodge farm for the wedding of sarah and jon

wedding bake off table

pets at weddings

Don't cry over spilt milk it could've been gin sign

Thomas The Caterer serving relaxed wedding food

Bawdon Lodge Farm Oak Tree at Night

Dance Floor and Dancing in three giant hat tipis

Three Giant Hat Tipis at night at Bawdon Lodge Farm

Suppliers Involved

Tipis | Sami Tipi
Venue | Bawdon Lodge Farm
Photographer | Hannah Hall Photography
Caterer | Thomas The Caterer
Love Letters | In My Life