Budget Ideas for a Tipi Wedding

Budget Ideas for a Tipi Wedding We have shared with you our advice for saving on your overall tipi...

Budget Ideas for a Tipi Wedding

We have shared with you our advice for saving on your overall tipi wedding budget, today we share tips and ideas from those couples that have had a Sami Tipi wedding on where they managed to pull back on their overall budget;

You don’t need to buy everything

Naomi and Nicholas

You don’t have to buy everything. Wedding budgets sometimes feel like you’re dealing with Monopoly money as it’s so easy to lose sight of how much you’re spending on the day. We borrowed Nick’s stepdad’s car as our wedding car rather than spending loads of money on hiring something for the weekend. If you know someone with items you could use as props for the day, just ask them! And Facebook marketplace is a great way to find some bargains to get creative with.


Less is More

Neil and Claire

Less is more. The tipi will look stunning on its own so only a few bits and pieces will be needed to add your own touch.


Budget Busting Bunting

Sophie and Ollie

Budget Busting Bunting. – You don’t need expensive bunting: we cut up old scarves and pieces of fabric to make bunting and it worked perfectly.


Table decorations
The tipis look so good

Louise and George

Less is more. Less is more in all senses of the phrase. The tipis look so good anyway you don’t have to decorate them too heavily. The atmosphere they bring is amazing. Don’t worry too much about the little details.


Engraved Glassware Doubles as Wedding Favour

Tien and James

DIY BAR they built a rustic bar, that sat under the little hat tipi. As a gift to their guests, they had glass tankers engraved. This meant everyone had their own glass for the day and a beautiful keepsake to take home with them. A double budget-saving idea!


Watering Station

Nicky and Chris

Kilner Jar Pre-Made Drinks with a warm summers day wedding, it was important to keep all guests hydrated. Kilner jugs that you can use again at home are great for dispensing soft drinks and pre-made cocktails. Buying something for the home, surely means it doesn’t have to come out of the wedding budget!


Take Away Wedding Breakfast

Liberty and Joe

Favourite Food With 150 Guests to feed, we knew we wanted lots of delicious food. We pre-orderd a takeaway from our favourite Istanbul restaurant and two of our groomsmen fetched the food.


Pinterest is not your friend!

Gemma and Ryan

Don’t Think You have to recreate a Pinterest wedding! If you’re on a tight budget, don’t get disheartened by things like Pinterest. I found I had to ban myself from Pinterest for a while as I was getting frustrated with myself for being so indecisive. Eventually, I learned to just go with my gut instinct, with a little bit of support from close friends who knew me, and it seemed to pay off!!


Sami Tipi | real wedding | Lisa and Fliss | Matt Brown Photography | Cattows Farm
There is no need to over style

Lisa and Fliss

Let the tipis do the talking – Do not over decorate they are beautiful on their own!


Use a seamstress to create your bridesmaid dresses

Dan and Kay

Creating your own bridesmaid dresses was a big saving as they were so much cheaper than anything else we saw. I sourced the fabric I liked and spent the money on a local seamstress. This allowed the girls to choose the style of dress they were happy with too. They all looked beautiful.