Top 10 Tips to Styling a Tipi

Top 10 Tips to Styling a Tipi by Tara Knott Planning a tipi wedding is also very different from...

Top 10 Tips to Styling a Tipi by Tara Knott

Planning a tipi wedding is also very different from planning any other type of wedding. The styling of a tipi is very different too. Tara of Tara Knott has styled a great many tipi weddings over her years as an event stylist. We would even say she is an expert in tipi styling. Below she has also shared with you her top 10 tips to consider when styling a tipi.

Tara, take it away…

Tipi Styling Tips

So you’ve booked your tipi wedding and are now beginning to plan how you want the space to look and feel. It may be slightly daunting, but we have some helpful tips to support you along the way.

Visit A Tipi Showcase

Styling Tip 1 | Go to a tipi showcase. I have had so many couples who have booked a tipi wedding and then find it difficult to imagine the space after only seeing it once or in pictures. With the peaked hats and vast space to fill it can be daunting to think about how you would dress this. If you are familiar with the space, then attending an open day or tipi showcase will help you plan.

Make a plan 

Styling Tip 2 | Firstly what budget you have to spend on styling and secondly how do you want it to look. Spend some time looking on Pinterest and Instagram, as you will find lots of inspiration and this is a good starting point. Sami Tipi also has a large look book of images from past weddings, shoots and open weekends. Seeing how other people have used the space will help you with ideas and in making decisions. When you can,  visit an open event, the team can advise you on all aspects of your day and being in the space will be really beneficial. 

The great thing about a tipi is that it is split into areas and this is helpful when planning your styling.  We have broken them down for you as follows:

  • Walkway and welcome area
  • Tables and table plan
  • Bar/chill-out area 
  • Dance floor 
  • Cake area 
  • Cards and gifts 
  • Hanging décor

Styling Tip 3 | You can then begin to work on your style plan in bitesize pieces rather than trying to do it all at once. Look at ideas for each of the areas. When you put it all together, does it work?

Styling Tip 4 | Don’t put pressure on yourself for there to be a theme or colour palette, there doesn’t need to be, the day just needs to be right for you. Just think about using similar materials and tones that work together.

Work With Professionals

Styling Tip 5 | Should your budget allow, then work with a stylist, especially one who has a lot of experience working in tipis. If they are experienced then they will know how to dress and fill the space. They will also be aware of the time frames for set up. Take a look through their portfolio to see the work they previously have done. A tipi can be a big set up. You may not want to do this the day before or the morning of your wedding. It may also save you money in the long run, as you won’t need to purchase lots of items to have to sell on afterwards. Your stylist will usually have all of this as part of your package. You can also enquire about table hire packages or ceremony setups too.

Hannah Hall Photography -Sami-Tipi styling a tipi wedding

Think About Using Colour

Styling Tip 6 | If you want to inject colour into the tipis then brights, whites and neutrals work really well to lift the space. Golds, rusts and darker tones may be lost against the canvas. You can add colour by using hanging décor, table runners and florals. Coloured glass and napkins. Signage and neon also work amazing in a tipi setting. 

Hanging décor 

Styling Tip 7 | If you hang anything then quantity is key. You need to think about how much you will need in each hat and also the logistics of how you will hang any items. A standard step ladder won’t be tall enough to reach the poles and if you are hanging through the centre you will need to ensure that you can fix anything safely and securely. Take advice from your tipi provider and stylist on this one. 

Light It Up

Styling Tip 8 | Use lights. It may be an additional cost but the fairy lights make the tipi – especially at night. People are blown away when they see a tipi lit up, and at night time there is something magical about the twinkling lights!

Styling Tip 9 | Lots of candles both inside and out create a cosy, romantic atmosphere. The big tip here is to make sure your candles will last the duration.

One Last styling Consideration…

Styling Tip 10 | My last piece of advice is to think about how you use your tables. The height of your centrepieces. Low to mid-height work well, anything higher and your guests will find it difficult talking to each other through your floral arrangement. Another consideration is your catering – if you are having sharing platters then this will leave you with less space to play with on the table. Again take advice from your caterer on this one. 

Enjoy your planning journey, it is an exciting one and you will feel really proud when you see your vision come to life on the day. 

Tara x

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