Host Your Own Wedding Bake Off

What is a Wedding Bake Off? If like me, you’re a massive fan of cake, then the idea of...

What is a Wedding Bake Off?

If like me, you’re a massive fan of cake, then the idea of picking just a couple of styles and flavours for your wedding cake must feel a bit daunting.  Why can’t you have every flavour? Well… you can!

The idea of a wedding bake off is that everyone is invited to bake a cake and bring it to your wedding.  You, the happy couple, then get to try them all and choose which one is your favourite.  It’s such a great way to add a little bit of fun and excitement to the traditional cake cutting.  As well as the fact that you end up with so many different cake flavours and styles. It’s like being in a cake shop and getting to eat all the cake!

Hosting a wedding bake off can take some careful planning, so don’t leave it to the last minute.  Here are our Top 5 Tips to hosting your own wedding bake off.

1. Give Your Guests Notice

The easiest way to notify your guests is to include the information in your invitation. But remember to make it optional and ask them to let you know if they are participating, so you can provide a table that is big enough!

2. Bake Off Table

Create a table for your bake off that is the right size for all the cakes.  Also make sure to create good signage to make it easier for your guests, so they know where to drop their cake off to.

3. Create Labels

Have blank labels to hand at the table so when a cake is dropped off, the baker can add a little label to let everyone know what the cake is and who made it.  Plus any extra information such as gluten free can be added.

By having the labels pre-made they can be in the same theme as the rest of your stationery.

4. The Grand Prize

It is always a lovely way to reward your guests that have made the effort to bring a sweet treat along.  You can have a grand winner, that is voted by your guests, yourselves or maybe even a non biased supplier with you on the day.

You could have different categories of winners – Best Looking, Best Flavour, Most Creative – be playful with it!

There are lots of options for the little gift you can give to the winner.  From a trophy or medal, to a voucher or hand made gift, the options are limitless.

5. Remember the Knives

If you have lots of cakes to enjoy, it would be advisable to have a number of different cake knives and serving knives, so you don’t mix flavours.  And don’t forget the plates and napkins.

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