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What is a Wedding Bake Off? If like me, you’re a massive fan of cake, then the idea of...

What is a Wedding Bake Off?

If like me, you’re a massive fan of cake, then the idea of picking just a couple of styles and flavours for your wedding cake must feel a bit daunting.  Why can’t you have every flavour? Well… you can!

The idea of a wedding bake off is that everyone is invited to bake a cake and bring it to your wedding.  You, the happy couple, then get to try them all and choose which one is your favourite.  It’s such a great way to add a little bit of fun and excitement to the traditional cake cutting.  As well as the fact that you end up with so many different cake flavours and styles. It’s like being in a cake shop and getting to eat all the cake!

We’ve seen quite a few of these fun additions in our tipis over the past few years.  So we thought we’d take you back to the lovely wedding of Ellie and Tom and their amazing “Grey British Bake Off”.  The sheer amount of cake that was brought to their wedding was just fantastic, as well as the added extra of Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood masks for when the lovely couple were tasting all of the cakes.

Images by Camera Hannah

The Cakes

The Prize!

There are lots of options for the little gift you can give to the winner.  From a trophy or medal, to a voucher or hand made gift, the options are limitless.  Ellie and Tom went all out and visited a Paint a Pot studio, where they hand painted a tipi inspired cake stand. 

The Judging

And The Winner Is….

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