Creating Your Grazing Table

Creating Your Grazing Table Doesn’t everyone love a good buffet?  I don’t think you’d find many people that would...

Creating Your Grazing Table

Doesn’t everyone love a good buffet?  I don’t think you’d find many people that would say they don’t like a buffet – with all the choice and options available, why would you say no!  But why not vamp up your buffet, by making it into a Grazing Table?

Grazing tables are becoming more and more popular, and we are finding ourselves having lots of conversations about them as an option for your wedding catering.  So we thought we would have a little chat about the versatility of them and how we think its the perfect option for adding extra choice, colour and variety to your wedding menu.

We have enlisted the help of Annette from Graze Derbyshire, experts in the grazing table field. She has been kind enough to impart some of her wisdom and talk to us all about grazing tables and how they can work for your wedding.

grazing table

Raise Your Glass to the Versatile Grazing Table

“Grazing tables are the life and soul of any party. Hitting the UK from Australia they soon became a firm favourite with foodie couples looking for a more informal option when selecting their wedding food. Grazing tables not only get guests mingling, but they also look amazing, with vibrant colours and mouth-watering fresh produce. Meaning they have gone from strength to strength in recent years with the rise of outdoor weddings.

Their popularity has risen due to their versatility at any given wedding setting. Couples can choose from classic charcuterie, breakfast, brunch, vegan, and fruit tables. And although grazing tables best lend themselves to snacking or replacing canapés, there’s no reason couples can’t serve their main course meal this way. Down the middle of the tables or even go for a dessert grazing table instead of serving individual puddings.

Whichever grazing table chosen, the food options are endless. Guests will be able to pick from a table or boards, piled high with meats, speciality cheeses and breads, olives, fruits, and dips. They really are the perfect way to satisfy any appetite. Even the most awkward of guest will find it hard not to find something to nibble on. While the base produce of many grazing tables are very similar, with seasonal or local produce featuring. Each grazing table is often bespoke and tailored to event aesthetic, dietary requirements and individual couples likes and dislikes.”

grazing tablegrazing table

Can you create them yourself?

“Some couples, or family members, get creative and have a go at putting together DIY grazing tables themselves, as an alternative for their evening guests. While others opt for a local catering company, like Graze Derbyshire, with over 4 years’ experience, to come in and do it all for them. Therefore, completely taking the hassle out of the day!

As with all wedding set ups it’s all about the individual budgets and the couple getting exactly what they want on their special day but grazing tables are certainly worth considering as a food option whatever the budget, due to their flexibility on where and how they can be set up and their ability to WOW guests.”

Annette, Graze Derbyshire

grazing tablegrazing table

Example Grazing Table

These photos are of a super mouth watering grazing table that was created by Thomas The Caterer for one of our Autumn Open Weekends. This colourful array was captured by the brilliant Magda K Photography.

grazing tablegrazing tablegrazing tablegrazing table

How Much Does It Cost?

There are lost of different ways that caterers charge for their grazing tables, some go down the traditional price per head.  However, Gourmet Pop Up have devised a prize guide that is dependant on the size of your table.

2.5m table which serves 20 guests – £425

3.5m table which serves 40 guests – £800

5m table which serves 60 guests – £1050

Then additional metres are added at £150 per meter, with each meter serving around 10 guests. We though this was a super clever way of getting lots of bang for your buck!

grazing table grazing table

Key Suppliers

Caterers Graze Derbyshire | Thomas The Caterer | Gourmet Pop Up 

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