What is on your don’t list?

What is on your don’t list? Well what a weekend, after finishing our 2015 season, Craig and I took...

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What is on your don’t list?

Well what a weekend, after finishing our 2015 season, Craig and I took time out to celebrate our 10th Wedding anniversary and went on a little trip to Paris. We, of course, had the obligatory photos of ourselves in front of the Eiffel tower. It was actually back in May that we had our wedding anniversary, but with so many other weddings and events to be a part of it is only now that we took the time out to mark the occasion. It was on the flight back that I was sat next to a lady who had her notebook out typing away, intrigue got the better of me and I wondered if she was writing a blog? But no it turned out that she was writing down all of her plans for her forthcoming wedding. On the list was a time schedule nothing unusual there, a list of do’s but interestingly she had a list of don’ts. There was a couple of things that stood out to me on this list but the biggest one was no wedding film.

Craig & Jodie in Paris (1)

When Craig and I married back in 2005 we asked a relative who was handy with their camcorder to capture the day. We now have a lovely 1-hour DVD collecting dust that we have watched only a handful of times, we have not even endured the kids to watch it!! But is this still everyone’s perception of a wedding film?

Since 2005 wedding videography has moved forward so incredibly much and for some couples I know is just as if not more than important than the actual wedding photos.

When reading wedding blogs, I love it when they have a wedding film attached to the post. It is the video without a doubt that gets the hairs on the back of my neck to stand up and can even bring a tear or two to my eye, and this is with a couple I have never met and never worked with!! A video captures the emotion of the day from not only you as a couple but everyone around you celebrating with you too.

I have worked with two videographers or filmmakers as they also like to call themselves who are both awesome at what they do but also create two very different styles of video. The great thing about these videos are they are a summary of a longer film lasting only a few minutes – now are you telling me that you wouldn’t be more likely to watch this more often than that traditional 1-hour long video collecting dust!!

Have a look at Lara Elliott’s work here, this gorgeous video is 2 minutes and 33 seconds long!! I also know that it captures a rare moment of a smile that is very rarely caught on camera from one of the fathers of the groom!

Still on your don’t list?

After seeing these would a wedding film still be on your don’t list?


Videography Credit to;

Lara Elliott
Perfect Moment Films