Two Brides Sami Tipi Wedding

Hayley & Lisa’s Tipi Wedding WOW! What a wedding we have today to share with you. We always feel...

Hayley & Lisa’s Tipi Wedding

WOW! What a wedding we have today to share with you. We always feel incredibly lucky when we have a two bride wedding to be a part of. It is such a treat to see their approach to everything including wedding dress shopping – will it be together or not? For our two brides Hayley and Lisa, they had no idea what each other were wearing until the day. Hayley is very fashion focused whilst Lisa spends most of her time in a police uniform. Looking over the photos you can see how in-tune with each other this gorgeous pair are simply look at their dresses, so similar yet so different with thee netting top and pinched in at the waist-side.

Hayley and Lisa had their own “team” of bridesmaids and calling them “team navy” and “team yellow”. Team navy wore, you guessed it Navy dresses, whilst team yellow wore yellow. The two colours contrasting yet completely complimenting each other. With two “teams” came two bridal hair stylist too. What a great way to even begin your wedding day simply surrounded by your best friends.

The celebration took place at a local bed and breakfast in Derbyshire. This allowed the two “teams” space to get ready on site in the boutique rooms.

Hayley and Lisa had an outdoor wedding ceremony conducted by Jo from My Perfect Ceremony in front of our giant hat tipis. Followed by the most amazing celebration in the tipis. The space inside and out was filled with personalised DIY touches from a caricature drawing of the two of them to hand sewn cushions spelling out “Here Come The Brides”

Hayley and Lisa did not stop smiling all day and this was captured perfectly by Camera Hannah.

Two Brides Tipi Wedding Gay Wedding ideas - Tipi Wedding set up in Derbyshire by Sami Tipi

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BA Surprise Reunion

Hayley is Australian and needed to return home for a family emergency 2 years after the couple were married meaning they were living on opposite sides of the world. British Airways stepped in with a surprise reunion. I cannot help but feel emotional every time I watch our brides on this video;