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The Alternative Dessert That Creates Theatre For Your Wedding! If you are a dessert lover and the recurring dessert...

The Alternative Dessert That Creates Theatre For Your Wedding!

If you are a dessert lover and the recurring dessert options of brownie and ice cream or cheesecake leave you underwhelmed and wanting something more, I have just the suggestion for not one but a plethora of wedding desserts that will certainly add a touch of theatre and mouth-watering deliciousness to your special day.

Choosing a menu that suits you and your guests for your wedding can be a mind field? There is lots to consider from differing tastes and health requirements to seasonality and the type of vibe you want your wedding to have. Opting for a selection of mini desserts allows you to cater for all those considerations and allows you to indulge and be greedy, it’s your wedding day after all.

So whether you go for a trio of desserts for your sit down meal or a styled dessert display to suit a more informal buffet/food station style wedding breakfast the options are endless.

The dessert or treat table is something that has been taking the wedding scene by storm for the past few years forming part of the wedding breakfast or a dazzling alternative to the traditional tiered wedding cake.

Italian Pasticceria

Patisserie is ‘la crema de la creme’ when it comes to dessert. Italian Patisserie for some unknown reason remains largely undiscovered by the U.K. population, and even more so by the wedding industry. That’s why I wanted to offer couples a sweet taste of the Mediterranean and something completely unique to other wedding catering and cake suppliers.

I am Lorena and my business ‘Pasticceria Lorena’ is a one of kind Italian patisserie company that creates artisan desserts and cakes for the discerning foodie couple.

Mini Desserts

Let’s begin with ‘Pasticcini’ mini Italian pastries made for sharing, much like sweet tapas, they are the perfect social food to bring family and friends together.

Picture a platter of puff pastry horns filled with chocolate and hazelnut crème pâtisisère, Baba soaked with a sweet rum and citrus syrup, Tiramisu trifles laced with amaretto and choux buns filled with the most decadent limoncello cream. Whatever your flavour or pastry preferences, there are endless choices to make your dessert table of dreams.


Of course, if you are opting for the dessert table and you don’t want to do away with the tradition of the cake cutting, a feature cake sitting in a central spot can offer a beautiful focal point to the display and allow for that photo moment. Whether it’s a small cake, tiered, cascading or cake landscape you don’t have to be bound by the traditions of an iced creation.

Many of my couples go for a single-tiered ‘Torta Nuziale’ this is a traditional Italian wedding cake from the South of Italy, a gateau style cake with the lightest sponge soaked with a vanilla liqueur and layered with smooth and decadent pastry cream. If you are not a fan of icing this can be a perfect alternative decorated with chantilly cream, meringues, chocolate, fruit, flowers and even pastries.

Let’s Talk Theatre!

As it’s a once in a lifetime day, you want things to be that extra bit special, to elevate what you do above the ordinary. The old saying that ‘you eat with your eyes first’ is so true and so creating a dessert display can add a real sense of theatre, anticipation and excitement and makes it all the more inviting for your guests.

I love to style my work to suit the venue, using props, furniture, stands, flowers and accessories that complement the surroundings but add a touch of the couple’s personality too.

If you are feeling inspired and hungry after reading this, I am always happy to hear from couples who dare to be different on their wedding day. I am Nottingham based and cater for weddings in the East Midlands region.

Please get in touch and let’s talk desserts!!!

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