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How To Style Your Tipi Wedding When you have a tipi wedding often the biggest attraction is having a...

How To Style Your Tipi Wedding

When you have a tipi wedding often the biggest attraction is having a day that you want. A day that reflects your own style, beliefs and personality. So with the blank canvas in your hands, you really are free to create whatever it is you want to create.

But where do you start? We are lucky enough to work very closely with the Multi-Award Winning Lesley of The Rustic Wedding Company. So we thought it would be great to get her expertise and advice on how to style your tipi wedding. Over to Lesley;

How do you decide on what style is right for you? 

We believe that your wedding styling should wow guests from the moment the first person enters your tipi until the last guest leaves in the evening and should flow through the venue in a fluid motion. So let us start with the end!

In order to decide upon which wedding style is right for you, a really good place to start is to sit down together and write a list of the props and styling things that you “need” in your tipis such as;

  • Table Decor
  • Cake Table
  • Gift Table

Next write down the things you “want” in your venue to make it individual to you. Examples might be:

  • Cocktail Bar
  • Sparkler Station
  • Photobooth

Finally to bring through your personalities, write a list of things which are reflective of you as a couple consider;

  • Personal hobbies
  • Favourite colours
  • Favourite season of the year,
  • your clothes wardrobe,
  • your home decor or
  • favourite flowers

If none of these are giving you inspiration then the best place to start designing a “styling theme” is to look for ideas on Pinterest. The Rustic Wedding Company have over 50 wedding styling themed boards to browse through over on Pinterest so do take a look if you need more help.

Where do you even begin with it all?

Outdoor weddings are the easiest type of venue to personalise as there is no set decor already in place and you begin with a complete blank canvas but if you are still struggling to decide on a theme or just need some help pulling all of the ideas together to form a styling plan or colour scheme then this is where a wedding styling team can help you. We offer a full styling service at TRWC . Why not book in a virtual coffee chat, so we can begin that journey with you.

Does and Don’ts of Tipi Styling

Don’t: With tipi and outdoor weddings, it is very easy to get carried away with all of the things that you want to include in the set up and design as you have a lot of outdoor space at your disposal, but try your best not to include too much and overwhelm yourself. I highly recommend focusing on the key areas of your space and making these extra special rather than spreading yourself too thinly and it looking washed out.

Do: Focus mainly on getting your table decorations, centrepieces and any hanging installations designed first and then work your way outwards towards the smaller “stations” such as cake table, guestbook table & drinks station and try to make them coordinate to the table design as much as possible. It will be much easier to style these areas once you have chosen your table decor.

Don’t: use colours that will be hard to see under the tipi canvas such as yellow or gold unless it really is key to your colour scheme and an essential part of your wedding because these colours will look washed out against the backdrop of the canvas colour of the tipi – the exception to this rule is if you pair them with super bright colours such as hot pink or teal which will help them to “pop”. Choose your colour scheme wisely, picking around 5 or 6 coordinating colours and try to make everything match this theme – from flowers to table runners, to wedding place names and menus, right down to the ribbons on your bridal party bouquets. it will really make the wedding look like a professional has styled it.

Do: It is also important to really think about the time of year. Nobody will want to sit outside on a stack of straw bales in the snow or rain but they would really appreciate an extra tub of blankets next to the fire pit and a marshmallow s’mores station – All colour coordinated and matching the rest of the venue decor of course!

 Don’t: forget the little details because these are what your guests will notice and will really contribute to the overall look and feel of your day. If Aunt Sarah is Gluten-free – print it on a personalised menu and put it on her plate! She’ll be really impressed that you have remembered and feel safe eating her food. She’ll then remember how wonderful and thoughtful your day really was.

In need of a little inspiration?

Here is a bucket load of gorgeousness created by Lesley at our past showcase events. Enjoy!

How To Style Your Tipi Wedding Explained by Lesley of The Rustic Wedding Company. Simple blue cloths, draped napkins and french bread was the baseline for this look.

How To Style Your Tipi Wedding Explained by Lesley of The Rustic Wedding Company. Over Sized Greenery both hanging and on chairs

How To Style Your Tipi Wedding Explained by Lesley of The Rustic Wedding Company. An Elegant Look with real fruit as table decorations

How To Style Your Tipi Wedding Explained by Lesley of The Rustic Wedding Company. A Styled Cake Table adds a real feature to your celebration space
Neon Wedding Styling | How to style your tipi wedding

Looking For More Tipi Styling Inspiration?

Tipi Styling with swing top table and lots of greenery
Tuscan Romance

Illuminating Love with neon and bright lights for your Tipi Styling Ideas
Illuminating Love

romantic and dreamy tipi styling by The rustic wedding company
Relaxed and Romantic

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