How to Plan Your Wedding Weekend

Having a Wedding Weekend It is now becoming more and more popular to extend wedding celebrations over an entire...

Having a Wedding Weekend

It is now becoming more and more popular to extend wedding celebrations over an entire weekend.  This can be great fun and gives you the opportunity to spend more time with your guests, especially if they have travelled a long way to see you get hitched!

Having your wedding celebration over a weekend is like a mini break for all of your guests. It is like a summer camp for adults and having the freedom of your own venue if a site has been hired for exclusive use, makes for a great playground for the children to be able to run free and socialise. Also, on the plus side, it stops your wedding day becoming a one day frenzy, making everything a much more relaxed affair.

The great thing about a wedding weekend is there are NO RULES!  There are so many things you can do to make your weekend extra special and give your guests memories that will last a lifetime.

The general trend is if you are having a Saturday wedding, your guests will start to arrive on the Friday, and the good thing about this is you can get everyone to pitch in and help!  From your creative aunt helping with your decorations, to your best friend being a whizz on the bbq, people generally love to help out and giving people something to do helps make for a much smoother event.

And as a way of thanking your guests for helping out, you could provide them with something as simple as a little goody bag with snacks, a cheeky drinks voucher and a thank you card!  Often the small things go a long way.

Top Tips To Planning A Wedding Weekend

But Can We Have The Tipis For a Whole Weekend?

The short answer is YES!  At Sami Tipi we love a weekend wedding and feel that including a tipi in the occasion only adds to the splendour.  We erect the tipis on the Thursday ready to hand them over to you on the Thursday late afternoon. Meaning you have the whole day to rally your guests to help add the sparkle to your tipi wedding.  

However daunting a weekend wedding may be, there are plenty of options to keep your guests entertained.  From outdoor fun and camping to music and fireworks, we’ve seen it all and can offer you heaps of advice.  Do not plan too much. Your guests will be catching up with friends and family and will welcome free time to just socialise.

A weekend event makes for a much more magical experience. After all, how many brides have you spoken to that have said, “the day went so fast, I wish it could have lasted longer”.

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