How to find an outdoor wedding location

How To Find an outdoor wedding location Have you Fallen in Love With the Idea of a Tipi Wedding,...

How To Find an outdoor wedding location

Have you Fallen in Love With the Idea of a Tipi Wedding, but have no idea of where to host them and your celebration? Finding the perfect site can seem like a challenge in itself. Some couples are fortunate enough to have space in the family garden, but if you do not fall into this category, we have all the tips and advice to help you find the right location.

Where to Start

Sometimes the decision is led by budget as ground hire can range from £100’s upwards into the £1000’s, so have yourself a budget allocation for this purpose. But a word of advice here, what may seem like a cheap “site”, also consider what it offers you. To make your event function, you will need power and toilets. These, of course, can be hired in, so when comparing one field to another try and compare apples to apples as you will certainly be offered more with a higher costing site.

Often farmers are looking to diversify and will happily hire out a field, and there really can be some gems out there. Ask the tipi/marquee companies that you are considering about sites they have worked with previously that can be recommended to you. At Sami Tipi we have a whole bunch of fabulous venues we work alongside, which you can view HERE and the list is continuously growing.

When deciding on your location or site, consider how do you want your day to look and feel? This could help in deciding on the type of site you choose to host your outdoor wedding celebration. For example is a woodland area important or being close to water? What would be on your field wishlist?

But how do we find on outdoor wedding site?

Start with Family and Friends

Our advice would be to put the word out to family and friends. Facebook is often a good starting point for this, asking people if they know of anywhere.

Take a look at our Venue Page

We have a number of venues that we work with, all offering something unique. View our full list HERE

Google Maps

Google maps offerers a very clever mapping service. If you know roughly the region you are looking to locate a suitable site in, search for this on

On the mapping screen, there is an option to “search nearby” where you can enter what you would like to locate, i.e. farm, holiday lodge etc. Google will then pin the results for you and if there is a website or contact details available these will also be listed making it easy to contact the owner.

This tool is perfect for searching many different styles of sites. Bed and breakfasts and holiday lodges can make for a perfect setting, providing guests that are travelling a place to stay as well as offering you the perfect wedding venue. The possibilities are endless, it just needs a little time and research.

Different Site Examples

As long as a site is accessible and has enough flat ground, the possibilities are endless, examples may be:

Boating lakes, canal locks, cafes, farm shops, zoos, petting farms, schools, forestry parks, sporting clubs, train stations, campsites, caravan parks – I guess what I am trying to say is keep open-minded and think out of the box.

How do you know if a site is suitable?

From a logistical point of view, your site will need to be accessible for large vehicles for the event setup. There needs to be enough flat ground for the tipi structure plus any room you need outside of this space.

Also look out for overhead cables and underground services, which the landowner should be able to advise on.”

Here is our handy guide for you, which you can also download. This is an extract from the book “The Ultimate Guide To Planning An Outdoor Wedding”;

Download This Handy Check List HERE


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