How much does a Tipi Wedding Cost?

When setting out on your wedding planning journey, I guess the first thing that strikes you when you start planning are the choices. There really are so many different ways in which you can celebrate your special day. Once you’ve filtered down to what you really like, the next big question is “but how much will it cost?” If you have come to the conclusion that you love the idea of an outdoor tipi wedding,
1) we think you are our kind of people
2) it’s going to be amazing,
3) but tell me, how much does it cost.

A tipi wedding will typically cost between £18,000 and £48,000 all in, But what does ALL IN actually mean?

What costs are associated with having a tipi wedding?

As with any venue, there are always costs associated with planning a wedding, for example, flowers, stationery, food, drink the list goes on. With a tipi wedding, there are items that you will need that for a “traditional” venue are not even a consideration, these could include:

Heating (depending on the time of year)
Creating a Catering Kitchen
A Field/Site
Additional Lighting

Unlike a conventional wedding where you have your venue that comes with everything you need, a tipi wedding is about building, literally building from the ground up, the day that you want. This is what makes it exciting and unique to you.


What Factors Affect The Price of a Tipi Wedding?

Guest Numbers

The key influencing factor that will affect the overall price of the actual tipi hire is your guest list. This is the number of guests you wish to celebrate with both daytime and evening. Simply put the more guests, the more tipis you will need, and of course, the cost goes up. The fewer guests, the less space you will need, the price comes down. 

The Site

Do you have your own site? If not, this is not an issue, as we have a number of local sites offering land and venue hire for outdoor weddings. So if you need a field, this will increase the cost above having a home wedding. Each venue or wedding site you view will also offer slightly different levels of service and support. Some venues may offer power and toilets, these things are all to be considered when comparing the different sites and looking at the overall price.

As a guide, a venue field hire can cost between £1000 to £10,000.

Not all outdoor wedding sites are equal. A field hired for £1000 will be a basic field hire, more of a DIY option. There is nothing wrong with this and the field hire of £1000 might be a perfect fit for your budget and your plans. But you may also want a little more from your wedding site.

Most venues that have established themselves to offer outdoor weddings will be a little more hands-on and provide you with services you may not have even realised you needed at this stage.

Support. This can be the key tipping point to choosing one venue over another, and that is the level of support the actual venue gives you during your six months to two years planning period, and the actual four or five days you will be on site. The level of support a venue site offers will also be a key influencer on the venue hire cost.

Included in our ebook, “How Much Does a Tipi Wedding Cost” there is a venue hire comparison sheet.


To make your wedding function, the two key items needed for this are toilets and a generator.

Water onsite is ideal, but you can manage without, bringing water onsite with bottles or a water bowser.

Generator Hire Cost for a Tipi Wedding

Your event generator will be needed to power everything that you have on-site. This includes the tipi lighting, the toilets, your caterers and band.

There are a few smaller generator hire companies that have specialised in providing event generators for outdoor weddings. These will often put together a package price to include:

  • The Generator,
  • Distribution,
  • Power sockets,
  • Fuel,
  • Delivery and Collection.

You should expect to pay between £600 to £700 plus vat, plus delivery.

If you book one from a tool hire company, these might look a lot cheaper, £160 plus vat, but everything else would need to be added in ie fuel, distribution, power sockets etc.  In the experience, they can turn out more expensive.

Toilet Hire Cost for a Tipi Wedding

For a tipi wedding, we would recommend hiring in a luxury toilet unit. These will come in different sizes, the size is based on the number of physical toilets they have inside them. Other considerations for your toilets is if you also need an access unit or even baby change facilities – these will come as a separate toilet unit to your main toilets.

YES, luxury toilet units do come with handwash, toilet roll, and paper towels.

Hiring the right size toilet is key to ensure that it comes with a large enough sized water tank to accommodate your guest numbers and the length of use. If in doubt, go bigger.

Toilet hire prices can range from £460 to £750 plus vat, plus delivery.


Whatever wedding style you choose, we’d always recommend having insurance. This is there to provide you with cover in those “just in case” eventualities. For an outdoor wedding, this needs to cover all of your hired in items, this includes the tipis (marquee cover), toilets, generator, fridge trailer etc.



The Tipi Hire Cost

So let’s get to it. How much does the tipi hire cost? As with every element of your day the driving force will be your guest numbers, both day and evening. Why? Well, we want to ensure you have enough space to be comfortable in the day and transition into your evening party.

Now, what we’ll provide for you is of course, beautiful tipis, flooring, lighting, fairy lights. We can also provide you with all the tables, chairs, benches, dance floor, disco ball. So it isn’t just the structure. It’s all the practicalities that go inside that we’ll also take care of for you.

Creating your 3D’s

What we always want to create for you is what we call our magic 3 D’s, that is making sure we’ve provided space for:

Dining. The space for your seated daytime guests, if you choose to have a sit-down meal
Dancing. Ensuring you have enough space for your DJ, your band and of course the dance floor.
Drinking. This is to ensure that there’s space in your tipis to house a bar, and also maybe have some relaxed seating.

Now you may choose to actually have your drinking zone outside, which then could mean that you don’t need the extra space that we’ve suggested and recommended to you. And you could slightly drop down to something smaller because you’ve put one of those magic D’s, the drinking zone, outside.

Here’s our handy guide that references your daytime numbers, your evening numbers, and the number of tipis you will need:

How Much Does a tipi Wedding Cost - guide to the number of tipis needed

As a guide, each tipi will be around £2500 – this will include your lighting and furniture too. So you can see, how your guest numbers really do affect your wedding hire cost.

In addition to the physical tipis, you may also require a catering annex. The need for this will be influenced by your choice of caterer and how you choose to feed your guests. If we were to provide a catering annex for you, this would range between £600 – £800.

As with venue hire, not all tipi hire companies are the same. At Sami Tipi, what we will do for you along with providing you with the most amazing tipi with an experience that your guests are going to talk about forever, we’ll also support you through that whole planning process over sort of six months, two years. However long it is that you choose to plan your wedding for.

We’ll take the time to get to know you and understand what you want from your day. This allows us to work with you to create a floor plan around you, your needs, your supplier needs, your guest needs. We’ll hire in the toilets and generator if needed. During our planning meetings, we’ll map out where you need electrical sockets.  So it’s very bespoke around your day, ensuring that you’ve got the most amazing outdoor wedding space that there ever has been.

Feeding Your Guest Costs

Feeding your guests. Here’s the biggie. What do you do with food? And how much is this going to cost? If you’re going for a sit-down meal, you can be looking to spend anywhere between £45 to £90 (even upwards), per head. So again, your numbers are a driving force when it comes to the overall cost.

When you write your guest list, really ensure that those people that are on your A list are those people that you absolutely want to celebrate with. Those people, that if you saw them, you’d happily take them out for a meal. Are they on the daytime list or are they on the evening guest list?

The next big factor is the actual food. If you wish to provide seating for all your guests, for a meal, this will impact the number of tipis you will need. If you want a more relaxed and not seating for everyone, then potentially you’ll need a slightly smaller space. 90% of our weddings do provide seating for all their daytime’s guests, but not every evening guest. That doesn’t mean it’s right or wrong. It’s all about what’s right for you.

For example:

100 seated guests would require Three Giant Hat Tipis.

100 party guests without seating for everyone would be a comfortable number in Two Giant Hat Tipis.

So the driving force on how you choose to feed your guests will influence your tipi hire cost. 

With a wedding being an all-day celebration – of course, you are also feeding your guests twice! Popular evening food choices are a ploughman’s help yourself or food trucks.

As a guide, food truck hire costs will be around £12-£20 per person with a minimum order for normally around 40 guests.

The Cost of a Bar Service for a Tipi Wedding

Some venues/wedding sites may provide as part of the land hire the bar service for you. Other sites, may give you the freedom to do as you choose. 

When providing drinks for your guests, you have a range of options. But the three key elements are:

DIY – Completely do it yourself. 

Done For you – Let a bar/venue take care of the whole day for you. From the welcome drinks, the drinks on the tables to the evening bar service. 

Hybrid – The middle ground, the hybrid option, where you’ve provided the daytime drinks, with a bartender taking over into the evening.

As a guide, a welcome drinks package should consist of:

A welcome drink,
Half a bottle of wine,
Champagne/Prosecco to toast,
Water on tables.

You should be looking to pay around £25 per head (more if you choose champagne). Again your guest numbers are key to how much your drinks package will cost and overall tipi wedding.

You don’t have to do a drinks package. This is about creating the day that you want. But as a rule, you can put those numbers into your budget planner to help calculate the overall cost of what a tipi wedding.

Investing in a Bartender Service

Some bartenders will charge a booking fee of around £300 to be there at your day. As part of their service, they will provide you with the bar, glassware, the drink service, trained bar staff, everything that’s needed to accommodate a hassle-free drink solution for your outdoor wedding. The bar service will operate how you would expect at a traditional wedding, where guests will purchase their own drinks, unless of course you’ve offered a free bar!

The DIY Drinks Option

When you choose to do the bar service yourself, we’d recommend hiring a fridge trailer. The hire cost of a Fridge Trailer is around £300 – £400. When sourcing your drinks, try and find a wine merchant that offers sale or return. Do not undervalue your own time here, you will need to source the glassware, drinks, ice and maybe even employ additional staff (these can often be hired from your catering team). Investing in a bartender service could save you a lot of time and money.