Entertainment ideas for an Outdoor Wedding

Entertainment Ideas for an Outdoor Wedding Many of our customers decide to have their own tipi wedding due to...

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Entertainment Ideas for an Outdoor Wedding

Many of our customers decide to have their own tipi wedding due to the fact they like thinking outside of the box and thrive in a creative environment. By having your own tipi wedding, it allows you to have a completely blank canvas to decorate and use the space in whichever way you aspire to. The space you gain by having a tipi wedding certainly comes into its own when you are planning the entertainment for your big day.

When it comes to planning a wedding, entertainment should be a big consideration. It will help ensure your guests have something to do during periods of waiting, as well as making sure your wedding has fun memories attached to it. We have put together a list of super fun ideas for entertainment that could be used for your upcoming wedding that have been tried and tested at numerous Sami Tipi weddings in the past. 


There aren’t many things more entertaining than magic. Having a magician at your wedding can truly transform the atmosphere and will most definitely keep your guests occupied as well as really getting their minds working. Magicians work well at tipi weddings due to their ability to mingle amongst groups of guests who are either sat around tables or spread out over the extensive outdoor space. 


Whether you are looking to have a DJ to play the most popular music, a live band to transform your wedding reception into something truly special or prefer the ambience that a solo musician can bring to your wedding ceremony, there are so many suppliers that can provide the musical entertainment at your wedding.

Depending on your wedding vibe you could opt for an acoustic musician to play whilst you have your romantic first dance or a themed band to take you right back to your guilty pleasures.

At so many of our tipi weddings, we have also seen talented friends and family members also providing musical entertainment, including guitar playing around an outside campfire.


Whether your thinking about having fire performers or a firework display to end the ceremony, having an aspect of sparkle at your wedding provides an extra romantic touch.

Fireworks always look impressive above a tipi celebration and is something that lots of Sami Tipi couples have opted for in the past.

Fire pits are another great addition to a tipi wedding and can really add to a theme, whilst providing a cosy effect.

Image below by Christopher Terry

Capturing the moment

Hiring a photo booth for your wedding has become very popular, purely because they add so much fun to capturing memories. From having funny props to laughing at your facial expressions, your photos with your loved ones will last a lifetime.

Fun and Games

Something that never fails to entertain at weddings are games. Whether you provide board games for the tables, traditional carnival games to add some competition or even sporting activities. We have seen them all and each one has offered a great feast of entertainment for guests at the wedding.

Photograph above by Ed Brown

At Sami Tipi we have a whole host of friends that are suppliers in the above fields as well as so many more and so if you would like to discuss having your very own tipi wedding with magicians, live music or games – we would love to hear from you and help you achieve your dream wedding. Just get in touch below. 


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