Creating the Right Wedding Drinks Service for You

DIY Welcome Drinks + Cash Bar Service When planning your outdoor wedding you have the choice of how you...

DIY Welcome Drinks + Cash Bar Service

When planning your outdoor wedding you have the choice of how you wish to create the bar service, from having it all done for you to doing it all yourself. Here we explore the options and also the possibility of having both!

When couples talk about having an outdoor wedding, one of the items they have already pinned on their Pinterest board is a bath full of bottled beers – The Booze Bath!

By doing your own welcome drinks and table wine you are free to create the drinks stations you want, from the ‘Booze Bath’ to the ‘Pimp Your Pressco’ to the ‘Gin Bar’. All this is super exciting but firstly I would recommend making sure this is the right thing for you to do before you hit eBay finding an old tin bath.

How to Achieve This

Getting your drink station prepared the day before is simple enough to do, however, the logistics of chilling the drinks, adding ice to the station and the drinks is the next challenge.

Ordering Ice – Your catering may be able to provide this for you or you may be able to buy this from your evening bartender. Alternatively, you may order from a supermarket delivery service if your location is easy enough to find! This cannot be a normal online order, trust me I know from experience. Instead, you will need to call customer services to ensure that you get the number of ice bags you want, as 80 will not come from the store without a special order.

Chilling Your Drinks – A great investment could be a chilled trailer unit. This can be on-site from the Friday and will be lockable to allow you to store drinks in there. We have even had couples store flowers and Sundays’ bbq breakfast in there too.

Other options are to hire in a fridge or use the spare one you may have in the garage. You could even look at the selling pages to see if there is one going cheaply that you could sell after you have used it for your event.

But the BIG question is…

How will your drinks get from the fridge to the welcome drinks area?

This may be a job for your groomsman, or other options could be to hire in help during your arrival drinks until your bar service takes over later on. This could be someone you know, your bar company or your caterers. They may charge a “corkage or service” charge – but what this simply means is a cost to cover chilling the drinks, staff to pour the drinks and possibly even glassware.

What will your drinks be served in?

This could be glassware that you hire from your evening bartender, it could be hired from your caterer or hired in from an event company that specialises in this.

Some supermarkets will offer a free glassware service if you purchase your alcohol from them. However, you may not like the glass style – I say this I have experienced couples running out to hire glasses after seeing a wine glass they didn’t like.

A Glass To Toast

If you have fizz on your tables there is nothing stopping your guests popping the cork and pouring their own to toast with. If everyone pops together it would make for a great photo.

Introducing the Paid Bar Service

After the initial free drinks, you have provided the option to continue the evening drinks is to introduce a cash bar service run by a mobile bar company.

If you have been offering free drinks they would request that these are cleared away whilst their service is on offer.

A quality mobile bar company will provide the physical bar structure, chilled drinks, glassware and trained staff meaning you do not have to think about a thing.

The cost of the bar service will vary, as a guide, this is between £300-£500. They may even refund this amount if you hit a minimum spend which will have been pre-agreed based on your guest numbers.

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