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Today we are sharing with you the fabulous wedding of Sophie and Matt. This wedding is full to the...

Sophie & Matt _ Sami Tipi _ Amanda Forman

Today we are sharing with you the fabulous wedding of Sophie and Matt. This wedding is full to the brim of clever ideas to make a wedding truly personal. Throwing the typical wedding rule book out of the window and making their wedding all about the things they love, with the people they love is what made Sophie and Matt’s wedding so special. We knew from the very beginning this was going to be a wedding we couldn’t wait to see the photos of, so we are delighted to be able to show you them today.

Below we are handing you over to Sophie who has kindly answered a few questions for us about their very special day.

What made you decide on an outdoor wedding?

When we first got engaged everyone started asking questions about the ideas we had and what we were going to do. For me, growing up in a house where my Mum makes bespoke, one of a kind wedding dresses I had seen and attended my fair share of weddings. I realized I had no idea what I wanted, the only thing which kept popping into my head was being able to walk down the aisle, barefoot on the grass. Having an outdoor wedding started from that thought and gradually grew with the choices we made throughout the planning process. 


How did you find your wedding venue (Bawdon Lodge Farm)?

We found Bawdon Lodge Farm through speaking to Sami Tipi. Once we knew we wanted to be outside in the summer around the time of our anniversary, I started to look online at tipi, marquee and yurt hire companies. When I came across Sami Tipi and in particular Jodie, she recommended Bawdon Lodge Farm as the place where we would get a great deal of support throughout the day, rather than having to do everything ourselves. With it being our wedding day we wanted to be able to relax. If we had hired a field and then had to sort out electrics, catering and plumbing it would have been more of a challenge than we were willing to take on. As Sami Tipi knew and had worked with Bawdon Lodge Farm on a regular basis, it gave us the confidence to book them both simultaneously. 

What did you both wear, where was your dress from, what about the rest of the bridal party?

When it comes to the clothing aspect of our wedding, we were incredibly lucky; my Mum is a wedding dress designer and my Sister had just graduated in fashion design. So my wedding dress, the bridesmaids dresses and my husbands waist coat were all designed and made by the two of them. Matts’ shirt and trousers came from Moss Bros, the bridesmaids shoes came from asos and the jewellery was handmade by a very close friend.


How would you describe your ceremony, where did it happen, how did it happen?

Our ceremony was under a huge oak tree in the centre of the field at Bawdon Lodge Farm. We had wooden seats and benches set out to create an aisle up to the base of the tree where we had the ceremony conducted by Jo from My Perfect Ceremony. Jo was also one of our key suppliers, she took so much time to get to know us and made us a bespoke and completely unique ceremony. We were able to customize this whole section of the day by having things like bubbles instead of confetti when we walked back down the aisle, our dog was at the top of the aisle with the Groomsmen and we had one of Matt’s friends play the acoustic guitar for us. 

How did you feed your guests in the day and then evening? What influenced your menu choice?

Our ceremony was at 2pm and our guests were welcome to arrive from 1pm for drinks and to explore the space, so we suggested they have brunch or an early light lunch before they arrived. The main meal we arranged was for around 4pm and we decided that as we were having an unconventional wedding day, we would go for a hog roast. We had this set up in the tipi’s on the dance floor as a buffet with waiters to serve as you worked your way down the table. As for the evening, we decided to have a selection of nibbles both savoury and sweet for our guests. We hired a crepe van from 7-10pm so that it could also feed our evening guests on arrival. To top it all off we decided to have 2 wedding cakes. I have a sweet tooth and so a close friend made us a three tier wedding cake, whilst Matt prefers savoury and so his Aunt and Uncle created a cheese and pork pie wedding cake complete with crackers, grapes, chutneys and so on. 

We had no seating arrangement because we wanted there to be a more relaxed and social atmosphere, we wanted people to be able to walk around and chat whilst eating, or to be able to sit by the fire and eat, as well as at the tables provided by Sami Tipi. The only table we had name cards on was our top table so that we had our family in the same area. 

When it comes to the music we were also very fortunate. One of Matts’ very close friends is in a band called ‘The First Order’, they were incredible, they played for longer than we expected, got everyone on the dance floor and were very sweet when asked for more than one encore!

How would you describe your theme/styling?

Many people joked about us having a theme and it did drive us a little crazy! All sorts of things were suggested: Disney, Game of Thrones, Minions from Despicable Me, Star Wars, Marvel Comics; it became a little over the top! In the end it was just easier to go with the things we liked and base it around our personalities, so we didn’t really have a theme.

As for colours we had a similar approach. I had 6 bridesmaids all in a different pastel colours, however Matt has a preference to more earthy and autumnal colours. So we went ahead and mixed them together! I guess you could say the colour theme was ‘colourful’. Our decorations were a mixture of pastel and autumnal colours that gave the overall aesthetic bright, happy and energetic feel to the space inside the tipi’s.


What are your Top Tips for planning a tipi wedding?

Break the mold! You’ve made the decision to spend your wedding day outside in a very, very large tipi! Make it your home, spend at least a day decorating it with your friends, so that you make it your own space. The tipi and the fact you are outside gives the day a feeling of freedom so carry that on throughout everything else you do. Be brave, take it one step at a time, know that you have the support you need, know that you can ask your family and friends to help. When you know you want tipi wedding, get advice and see several venues, decide how much support you want and find out which venue will give you that. Above all else make the decisions which will make you both happy and will make you both have the best day ever, everything else falls into place. It’s your day, your opinion is the only one that really matters.


Venue: Bawdon Lodge Farm

Tipi’s: Sami Tipi

Ceremony Officiant: My Perfect Ceremony

Hog Roast: Jasper’s Catering

Crepe van: The Old Manor House Bakery

Wedding insurance: online at

Bride and Groom bell tent accommodation: Bellows Glamping and Events

Horse and Carriage: The Ostler

Car: Cars4yourwedding

Band: The First Order

Photography: Amanda Forman

Dresses: Elizabeth Claire and KK Mei

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