From A Blank Field….

Creating Your Unique Celebration Space

Hosting a tipi wedding really is a magical time for you and your guests. Our tipis have been erected in many different locations from farmers fields, family gardens, bed and breakfast venues, campsites, holiday cottages to sporting fields. The options of where to host an outdoor wedding really are limitless and we can help you find the perfect spot. Just right for your unique wedding.

Once your location is chosen the transformation begins.

Here’s how…

As a rule we would arrive on site a few days before your celebration to erect the tipis. With care, precision and love we raise your magnificent tipi hats. The all important foundations are laid. The Sami Tipi team will add in lots of sparkle with our twinkly fairy lights. All the furniture you need will also be added to ensure you and your guests are comfortable including the dance floor and dazzling disco ball.


Adding the WOW

We always allow you time to add in your own WOW. For a Saturday wedding the team will hand the tipis over to you on Thursday evening giving you at least one full day to add all of your personal touches. This is a great time to get your family and friends involved to help decorate your bespoke space in your own special style. From hanging bunting, paper lanterns or flowers – it really does feel like the start of the celebration.


Something Special

As your guests arrive on the wedding day, and see the Tipis, they know something special is about to happen. They know you’re not the kind of couple who does dull and boring! You’ve created a space that is totally unique and reflects your own personalities.

Stepping inside, guest will soak up the unique atmosphere that a Tipi event guarantees. It’s warm, friendly and intimate, yet there’s still plenty of room to throw some moves on the dance floor as dusk falls.

We captured all of this for you in a short film. From a blank field all the way through to partying the night away under the canvas of our giant hat tipis.

Enjoy, as we never tire of watching;


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