The Ultimate Guide To Planning An Outdoor Wedding


Craig and Jodie, husband and wife and joint owners of Sami Tipi have put all of their experience and expertise of planning an outdoor wedding into a stunning book “The Ultimate Guide To Planning An Outdoor Wedding”.

12 jam packed chapters designed to guide you through the process of planning your own outdoor wedding. Advice and tips from those that have, from the practical elements of loo’s and electricity through to the pretty detail.

Book Review from Kelly Hood at Boho-Weddings

Here is what Kelly Hood from had to say about the book;

“If you are planning to take your wedding to the next level and enjoy the Great Outdoors, then The Ultimate Guide to Planning an Outdoor Wedding is the new bible!

Craig and Jodie have created an immeasurably helpful book to help you achieve the most amazing wedding of your dreams!

12 no-nonsense chapters jam packed with essential ideas on creating fantastic Al Fresco shindigs for your friends and family to enjoy and talk about forever!”


This guide is jam packed full of all the information you will need from creating your guest list to hiring in the loos.
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