What’s cooking in a field?

Having a tipi wedding lends itself to having a more relaxed and informal day, which includes the food too....

Thomas The Caterer
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Having a tipi wedding lends itself to having a more relaxed and informal day, which includes the food too. Today along with our friend Thomas The Caterer we explore exactly this, he is a dab hand at cooking in a field and loves a tipi wedding, so much so he had one himself! Over to Thomas;

What’s cooking in a field?

In short whatever you want to be cooked can be done, Thomas the caterer’s whole business is built off one quote by the late great Walt Disney

“If you can dream it, you can do it”

Lets make awesome happen in your tipi in a field!

Remember when you first started planning you wedding and you have the MOST AMAZING idea and someone said, “you can’t do that”, Nu-urr! Not here anything is possible with the correct amount of planning!

Sami Tipi Catering Tent
Sami Tipi Catering Tent

We pride ourselves on getting the remit right taking time to sit have a coffee and some cake and a good old natter about your wedding, understanding all the ideas and themes, the practical jokes your going to play and the emotional bits I want to know every detail so I can create a menu that’s totally 100% inspired by you.

Thomas the Caterer Cooking in a field

Sure there are obstacles that need to be overcome but that’s what we are good at having the correct planning in place so no stone is unturned and we can get your wedding Rocking!

We have done a variety of menus in the past from anti pasti boards to ice cream served over dry ice to a traditional steak and ale pie. Whatever your tastes and desires and dreams for your wedding catering we have got it covered.

For more details about What Thomas can do for you take a look at his website here https://www.wedding-caterers-leicester.co.uk/

thomas the caterer

If you would like more information about hosting your own tipi wedding please do get in touch we are always happy to talk tipis;

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