Fish and chip van hire at tipi wedding celebration

Last week on our blog I explored the option of having an outdoor wedding ceremony or even getting married in one of our stunning tipis, something that is becoming more and more popular. This week I am extending on the celebration to catering and feeding your wedding guests.

The perfect part of having a tipi wedding is that there are no rules, only the ones you as a couple make, leaving every aspect of the day open to do as you choose.

The freedom to have a fish and chip van, hog roast, pizza or large paella pans cooking away is so much more appealing and often more relaxed than the traditional sit down silver service meal.

This week we are hearing from our friend Kevin Anderton from KK Catering Limited as he explores for us the option of having a fish and chip van. Over to Kevin;

Why Have a Fish and Chip Van at an Outdoor Wedding?

Getting the catering right on the big day is a complex business and there is no doubt that it can be the key to keeping all of the guests happy. With the range of options available trying to choose the one that suits all tastes can be an almost impossible task.  There is one option that is different, people friendly and attractively priced. A traditional fish and chip van is not something that is often associated with weddings, but it can actually prove to be an excellent choice for plenty of good reasons:

Traditional fish and chip hire one for your tipi wedding

Value For Money

With meals ranging from just £5 to £10 per person this is about the best value around and easily as cheap as any other buffet styled food. Prices may vary depending on the time of year, but are never going to be much more than this. With everything considered this is an excellent solution to what can be one of the more costly features of the occasion, and it is definitely far less expensive than any seated alternative.

The Novelty Aspect

Although this is traditional British food it is a very unique choice of wedding meal. A memorable feature like this will certainly give guests a talking point. It is the kind of statement made by a couple that dare to do things differently.

fish and chip hire at an outdoor wedding celebration

Flexible Location

Another useful aspect is that of mobility. Almost every other catering option requires some set up or venue to work in. A traditional Fish and Chip van is tremendously flexible and can go just about anywhere and set up at any time. It will require some level ground and a small amount of time to get started, but it won’t matter whether the venue is indoor, or outdoor, as long as there is somewhere to park then this will work perfectly.

The Range of Optional Menus

With most other wedding food services, particularly the less expensive ones, the choice is usually quite limited and not to everybody’s tastes. A traditional fish and chip van is the nation’s favourite takeaway food and is generally a safe bet. This is particularly true when people have been celebrating and having a few drinks, because the meals are tasty and filling. The menu also provides plenty of choice. For the youngsters there are chicken nuggets and sausages. Grown-ups can go for the fabulous battered cod, fish cakes, vegetable burgers, or wide array of other offerings.

friendly fish and chip van service for your tipi wedding

It doesn’t matter about the timing

Another favourable reason for using a fish and chip van is that it is also flexible about when you want to eat. Whatever time the reception is planned for a van can be ready. They are available for service around the clock. Given the range of variable factors involved in any wedding there is always a potential for things to be delayed. A fish and chip van is an adaptable catering choice and if you need to have food prepared later, or even earlier, than originally planned then all that you need is a simple stress free phone call and a new service time can be arranged.

Unique service options

The style of service can also be tailored to suit the occasion and the guests. It is possible to preselect a menu and give everyone a set meal, or to allow the guests to choose from a selection of choices. Food can be delivered to the guests at their tables with a waiter service, or for a more relaxed approach people can come and collect from the van at a time that suits them.

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KK Catering compliments an outdoor wedding celebration