Top Tips to planning a Tipi Wedding by Mark & Chris

I often describe planning a tipi wedding as putting together a jigsaw. It allows you the freedom to choose...

tipi hire derby I often describe planning a tipi wedding as putting together a jigsaw. It allows you the freedom to choose all the pieces that fit with your own style and beliefs. It can involve more work than booking a traditional hotel venue, but the end result is undoubtably worth it, promising to provide you and your guests a lasting memory. Mark and Chris got married in three giant hat tipis this summer, they share their top tips to planning a tipi wedding;

Mark & Chris-242Tipis are like a blank canvas so use this to your advantage and be as creative as you want to be, think of what you love and include it!

Get people involved, especially friends and family who want to feel like they’re playing a part. We did, from friends who sang us down the aisle, playing the guitar and readings during the service to family members who made things like bunting, table runners and outdoor games…they all played a part and it made it feel all that more personal. Get people along for the set up as well, it makes the build up to the big day all the more enjoyable.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

PINTEREST…I couldn’t have done without it and it gave us so much inspiration.,.I CAN’T RECOMMEND THIS ENOUGH!!!!!

Get yourself a wedding planner, even if just for the day….we used Val from Benassamy and she was invaluable at co-ordinating the whole day…as well as being simply lovely!

Seek advice and use the expertise of your tipi provider…they’ve seen all kinds of tipi weddings so their ideas and input are be important.

If the weather allows use as much of your surroundings as possible…take the inside outside where you can and remember the decoration and styling doesn’t just have to stay inside the tipi. Fairy lights and candles outside are definitely a must for creating the perfect ambience.

Tipi lighting by night

From someone who isn’t that creative myself, I’d certainly say give it a try and have a go. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed making things and coming up with ideas for quirky little add ons. It makes it feel all the more that it’s your wedding.

Have a Plan B if you intend on getting married outside, the Great British weather that we have come to love can surprise you when you least want it to. Our wedding planner helped with this and it relieved a lot of pressure…as much as positive thinking is important, be realistic.

Festoon back drop sweet table

The day will fly by…take a minute to take in the atmosphere…my best friend on the day took me to one side at night and walked me to the end of the field and said “take a look, take it in and remember this moment”…and I do!!! As much as the alcohol had started to kick in, I remember that moment as though it happened an hour ago.

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