Tips to Planning a Tipi Wedding by Julia and Dave

Freedom To Have The Day You Want I often describe planning a tipi wedding as putting together a jigsaw....

Freedom To Have The Day You Want

I often describe planning a tipi wedding as putting together a jigsaw. It allows you the freedom to choose all the pieces that fit with your own style and beliefs. It can involve more work than booking a traditional hotel venue, but the end result is undoubtably worth it. Julia and Dave celebrated in two of our gorgeous giant hat tipis and chill-out tipi at Meynell Langley, Derbyshire. Here are their top tips to planning a tipi wedding;

Buy a wedding planner.

A friend bought one for me when we got engaged and it was like my wedding bible! A tipi wedding can involve a lot more planning and people. It’s therefore really good to have everyone’s details in one place with a rough timeline of what needs doing. Once you get in touch with Sami Tipi of course, they will help with a lot of the organising!

Go to wedding open days.

To get ideas in the early stages, they’re a good place to start with finding contacts and inspiration!

Be creative.

Having a tipi wedding gives you a blank canvas to create exactly what you want so go for it! We did a lot ourselves in terms of making table runners, bunting to hang, decorating candle jars, we made a blackboard for our table plan, did our own table place cards etc which I personally loved doing (Dave played along…). There are so many companies out there though to help with all the extras if you need them, and they will have lots you can hire for the day.

Use Pinterest.

This was a major help for us in terms of getting ideas. Our florist also set up a Pinterest board so we could both add pictures of what we liked/what she thought would work before we finalised our plans.

Don’t be afraid to ask.

So much is doable with a tipi wedding so if you don’t ask you’ll never know! Also check exactly who is providing what so nothing is missed. In the end for us, pretty much everything was covered between Sami Tipi and our caterers which kept it simple, but some caterers we spoke to didn’t provide plates/cutlery for example and we would have had to hire this separately so it’s worth checking what is covered in the price.

Don’t spend your time worrying.

This might sound silly but I was quite conscious of what style dress I bought. I ended up falling for one with a bigger train than I’d planned and a full length veil and was worried about working my way around the tipi but in the end had nothing to worry about at all, they are way more spacious than you think so anything works.

Rally Round Friends and Family

Get friends and family to help you decorate and un-decorate, it was great to spend the day before our wedding getting everything ready just how we wanted it, and we couldn’t have done it without a few extra hands.

Nominate an Organiser

On the day, nominate a friend/usher/bridesmaid and give them a rough itinerary for the day and list of contacts so you don’t have to worry about anything on the day itself and can enjoy it! It’s a good idea to also give your caterers, photographer, band, florist etc their name and number just in case they need it.

Fairy lights are a must!

This is a big one, they create such an amazing atmosphere in the tipis.  Pretty and twinkly during the day, then they turn the space into something completely magical at night time.

Supplier Shout Out;

Photographer | Benjamin Pollard
Tipis | Sami Tipi
Venue | Meynell Langley

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