Tips to Planning a Tipi Wedding by Gemma and Alex

I often describe planning a tipi wedding as putting together a jigsaw. It allows you the freedom to choose...

Planning a tipi wedding derby

I often describe planning a tipi wedding as putting together a jigsaw. It allows you the freedom to choose all the pieces that fit with your own style and beliefs. It can involve more work than booking a traditional hotel venue, but the end result is undoubtably worth it. Gemma and Alex planned there tipi wedding in just 6 months. Here are their Top Tips;

View a tipi.

Do this as soon as you can, it made it so much easier to imagine the size and scale of the decorations we would need.

Keep it simple.

It’s easy to get carried away with all the gorgeous decorations and ideas out there but we were happiest when we went back to our original ideas and kept it simple. The tipis are so gorgeous that they speak for themselves!

Book the big stuff early.

Once we sorted the basic facilities such as food, drink, loos and electricity, the singer and the photographer we could relax and enjoy the rest of the planning. We planned our wedding in just 6 months so finding the perfect singer and photographer was tricky. We were very picky with our choices as we didn’t want to settle for second best just because of the short time scale we set ourselves and after many hours trawling the internet and attending wedding fayres we found them! It was probably the most stressful part so we were very pleased to have them booked, paid for and forgotten about early!

Don’t skimp on your photographer.

Although you will be inundated with photos from your guests after the big day, having a good photographer is priceless. Even now we can look back and remember every second of our wonderful day thanks to our lovely wedding photographs.

Use Jodie and Craig.

They are a fountain of knowledge. Whenever we thought we had hit a brick wall they would open the door with ideas, suggestions, companies and contacts. We were very grateful.

Get a good team of people.

Mostly for the clean up the next day! We were very grateful to our family and friends for their help. Clearing up was the last thing we wanted to do and they did it all for us! By the time we turned up at the site everything was packed away and the tipis we halfway down, we were able to sit back and enjoy our first day as husband and wife.


Don’t do anything on the day, just sit back and enjoy it. This is one thing I wish we had done more of! Having a tipi wedding for us meant we planned and controlled everything but this also meant that each contractor needed organising, meeting and setting up on the day. Have someone to do this for you, the last thing you want to be doing is standing on the phone giving directions when you should be enjoying your day! Let someone else do this.

And finally..

Take 5 minutes out with your new husband/wife and watch your day from afar. Before you know it it will be all over and you’ll wonder what happened. Take a few minutes to appreciate the day and enjoy it.

Suppliers Involved

Photography | Christopher Terry
Tipis | Sami Tipi 

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