Three Questions To Ask Your Wedding Caterer

Three Questions To Ask Your Wedding Caterer We have teamed up with the fabulous bunch at Caviar & Chips,...

Three Questions To Ask Your Wedding Caterer

We have teamed up with the fabulous bunch at Caviar & Chips, to talk all things wedding catering.  The team have put together some helpful advise on the top three questions to ask your wedding caterer.  So have a read through, and see how Caviar & Chips can help with your special celebration.

Questions to ask your wedding caterer

One of the central parts of your day will be the food and drink and how you cater for your guests. From the very first time you contact us at Caviar & Chips, you’ll have the opportunity to ask us lots of questions. We’ll discuss your likes and dislikes, favourite restaurants and the foods you cook at home. All of this information will then help us to craft and build your own bespoke wedding breakfast menu.

Every menu we make and every tasting we do is different and so that means no two weddings are the same. Because of this, we have so many examples that we can share and our clients can ask all sorts of questions – so we’ve come up with three quick questions to help you get started.

Questions to ask your wedding catererQuestions to ask your wedding caterer

1. How does your wedding caterer help with running your wedding day?

Having a good wedding caterer helps not only with preparing your menu, but also with other details throughout the day can be really reassuring.

For example, serving your welcome drinks, pouring wine at the table and making sure the toast drinks are ready for speeches can save you having to worry if you’re providing your own wines. Similarly what happens with your wedding cake and can your caterer take it away once you’ve cut it and portion your cake and serve it to your guests to make sure everyone gets to enjoy a slice!

At Caviar & Chips, we do so much more than food and drink. We help you to plan the timings for your wedding day – such as when people take their seats, coordinate speeches and ensure all your guests have a glass of champagne to hand. Alongside this, we help with any dietary requirements and host your guests for the entire day making sure all your guests are having a great time. And don’t worry, we always have a cake knife to hand to help serve your wedding cake to guests too!

Questions to ask your wedding catererQuestions to ask your wedding caterer

2. What time will your caterer arrive, set-up and leave?

With some wedding venues they stipulate how many days before and after the wedding you have to set-up and clear away. If you’re planning your wedding in your own garden or that of a friend or family, then you’ll have a lot more flexibility, but knowing when your caterer will set-up, what they’ll set-up and when they need to be cleared away can help you with your planning.

We are with you every step of the way in planning your wedding day. Our team arrives the day before to build the kitchen and lay the dining tables. Our chefs then arrive first thing in the morning of your wedding day to get everything ready, while our hosts stay for as long as you need us.

Questions to ask your wedding caterer

3. What other services do you offer apart from a wedding breakfast?

This can vary depending on the individual catering company, so it’s quite an important one to ask when choosing a caterer for your wedding. Some caterers specialise in certain types of food, for example wedding breakfast menus, and others may have a much wider food and drink offering.

At Caviar & Chips, we have a bespoke approach to catering, making it more than just a wedding day. You can book us to cater the day before your wedding day, where our chefs could craft a delicious evening barbecue or dinner for you and your bridal party.

In addition, as you’re getting ready on the morning of your wedding day we could create a lovely wedding picnic, or perhaps salmon bagels served with champagne. What a great way to start your wedding day! As the day continues, we could then serve you and your guests a selection of canapés, a wedding breakfast menu (three, four, or even five courses), a sharing wedding breakfast menu, an eight course tasting menu…or whatever you fancy! Remember we don’t have set menus and the choice is all yours.

Our chefs can then pair wines to go with your bespoke menu, or you can get creative with your favourite cocktails as the wedding party begins. We can also provide a full service bar which could run alongside the evening food of your choice. Now let’s not forget about evening food…we can provide all sorts of feasts from street- food styled Paella to Dirty Burgers and Loaded Fries.

Enjoy the process, take time out to relax and remember why you’re getting married in the first place. The plan is to only do this once (unless you renew your vows!) so make it the best meal you’ve ever had and you’ll remember it for years to come.

Questions to ask your wedding caterer

Contact Caviar & Chips

If you have more questions to ask your wedding caterer, why not reach out to the team at Caviar & Chips to have a conversation about how they can help you.

For even more inspiration and ideas for your wedding catering you can check out Caviar & Chips’ website or following them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @caviarandchips


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