The Sami Tipi Heritage

Whats in a Name? After people have commented on how amazingly stunning the tipis are, inevitably one of their...

Whats in a Name?

After people have commented on how amazingly stunning the tipis are, inevitably one of their subsequent questions is “why the name Sami Tipi”? followed by “is your name Sami?”. Well a lot more thought went into our name than most people realise. When we first considered what we would call our new business our first response was to consider the heritage that we wanted to embrace.

The Beginning of our Journey

Back in 2011 when we started our Sami Tipi journey, Craig and I had already made the decision to start a business. With blank piece of paper in hand we started to brainstorm ideas. This was when our love of tipis actually began, whilst living in Dubai, we came across them at a major sporting event. They were stunning and we came away wanting to work with these amazing structures. BUSINESS IDEA, TICK ✓

The Product

Lots of research later we came across a teepee manufacturer, Tentipi. Founded in Lapland, Tentipi manufacture Nordic tipis based upon the traditional design principles of the Sami people, coupled with innovative new design, and the latest materials and construction techniques. The tipis were amazing and the vision behind their brand was one that we ourselves connected with:

” Founded with a mission to make the best tents in the world, and to treat our customers, staff and the environment with respect”

It was with that (and a good few hours of long distance phone calls later) that we decided Tentipi tents were the ones for us. PRODUCT, TICK ✓

The Name

So with our business idea and our product sorted we needed a name. We wanted a name with meaning, something we could tell a story about so we looked back at the heritage of the tipi and it all fell into place. The Sami People of Lapland are one of the oldest cultures in the world. The Sami are descendants of nomadic people who inhabited northern Scandinavia for thousands of years. Historically a group of reindeer herders, the Sami people lived in temporary dwellings called Lavvu also known as the tipi! and so the name was born, Sami Tipi. NAME, TICK ✓

The Sami Heritage

The Sami people are Scandinavian Sami Heritagereindeer herders. They live a semi-nomadic life in an environment known for its extremes of climate. Bitterly cold and snowy in the winter months whilst warm and pleasant in the summer months.

Within this harsh environment, the Sami found comfort living close to nature. The tipi is also described as kåta tents. It is a simple cone-shaped frame of wooden poles covered with hides.

The top has an opening to let out smoke. The fire was a central focal point for this temporary home. In addition to providing a social atmosphere, it provides the heat and light too.

Because the kata weighed little in relation to its size, it was the  perfect solution for a nomadic lifestyle. The wooden frame is easy to make so it was left behind when the nomadic people moved on. In practice, they often returned to their earlier camps year after year, so the kata was set up quickly using the frame previously left there.

These beautiful tipis pioneered by the Sami people use the latest  materials and construction techniques, making them perfect for an outdoor event whatever the weather.

Nordic_Sami_people The Sami Tipi Heritage
Nordic Sami people standing beside their Kata tents.

Our Branding

The national dress of Sami people is brightly coloured traditional clothing. These fascinating outfits include all kinds of shapes and patterns which give them their distinctive look.

When designing our branding we wanted more muted colours with a pastel palette but still wanted to incorporate a hint of the traditional patterns worn by the Sami people. Within our logo we have used a circular floral pattern inspired by this Sami dress. This small but important detail ties in the product, the name, and the story.



Final Words

Sami Tipi love to help create spectacular events, so if you are looking for an authentic nordic tipi experience for your next  event, special birthday, or even wedding get in touch today.

If you want to know more about Sami Tipi and our journey from a piece of paper to establishing ourselves as The Best Marquee Provider in The Wedding Industry Awards, give us a call, we are always happy to chat.

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