Sami Tipi’s Land Rover Defender

The Land Rover Defender

Call us Nostalgic, but today really is a momentous day when we see the last Land Rover Defender rolls of the production line at Solihul today. We LOVE our defender and it really is a member of our team, it is with this that we tow over 3 tonnes of tipis and equipment to site to help couples have an amazing tipi event.

Sami Tipi Loves their Land Rover Defender

The Joy of Seeing The Sami Tipi Defender

When a couple sees the sight of the Land Rover Defender it always brings joy to them as this can only mean one thing!! Their tipi erection is about to begin and roll on the celebrations

Sami Tipi Defender Team at Work

Too Much Fun

Can you really have too much fun?! This image was taken of our Defender giving Ally from Alexandra Anne a lift!! Captured by Yvonne Lishman at last September’s styled shoot at Cuttle Brook in Swarkestone.

Sami Tipi uses their Land Rover Defender enjoys the fun element of the vehicle

Treetops Hospice

Every year we support the Treetops Hospice charity vintage fayre with the hire of one of our giant hat tipis. The tipis and Defender are both great friends, how can they not be, they both love the outdoors and embrace the elements.

Sami Tipi helps tree tops hospice charity event -

The Defender getting us out of a Tricky Spot

It would be great if all of out tipi erections had easy access but that is not always the case. Last year following a tipi set up the team were faced with the challenge of getting the 5.5m long trailer around a hairpin bend. It is fair to say that it was the Land Rover defender, plus our awesome team that helped manoeuvre around this tricky bend. What this video does not show is that this is on a steep hill with drops just behind where I am videoing and to the side where the team are turning too.


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