Pet Friendly Weddings

Pet Friendly Weddings It’s not a surprise that many couples plan to include their pets in their weddings, us...

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Pet Friendly Weddings

It’s not a surprise that many couples plan to include their pets in their weddings, us Brits are renown for loving our pets, sometimes a little too much!

As adorable and cute as it could be involving your pet in your big day, there are a few precautions you need to take in order to keep them safe and happy during what could potentially be a very busy environment.

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1. Does your pet have what it takes?

Weddings can be overwhelming for pets that do not adapt well to new environments or are uncomfortable around strangers. Be sure that your pet is sociable and friendly and that they can cope with the extra attention they are likely to receive.

2. Plan what part of the day you would like your pet to attend.

Try to only involve your pet in the least overwhelming parts of the day, such as the ceremony. Receptions tend to be very busy and its not ideal to have a pet around at times when food is being served.

3. Designate a handler.

You most definitely will need to plan who will look after your pet throughout the ceremony and who will be responsible for collecting and returning them on the day. This will take the pressure off of yourself as you will be comfortable in knowing they are in safe hands. This will also relieve any stress on your pet, as well as be putting your guest’s minds at ease.

4. Are you prepared for the potential mess?

Depending on the size of your pet there may be mess involved, i.e. toilet habits, as well as dogs wanting to roll in mud and jump up guests excitedly.

Still have your heart set on your pet attending your wedding?

At Sami Tipi we have welcomed many pets into a tipi wedding and it has been a lovely experience each time. Due to a tipi wedding initially being located outdoors you have the creativity and versatility in ensuring both yourself, your guests and your pet are comfortable in their surroundings.

Depending on your wedding venue, it may be difficult to arrange to have your pet with you on your wedding day, therefore if this is something you are potentially planning on a tipi wedding would definitely work for you. 

Pets at Weddings

Here are some of our favourite weddings where pets have been the VIP guest;

Pet Friendly Wedding

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