No wedding Chat HAPPY MONDAY!! We’ve just got back from a fabulous family holiday in the South of France....

No wedding Chat

HAPPY MONDAY!! We’ve just got back from a fabulous family holiday in the South of France. No alarm was needed this morning as I was looking forward to getting back to work, I guess that helps when you LOVE what you do.

So being married to and going on holiday with your business partner could have meant that we spoke about work a lot, made plans and discussed the direction we want Sami Tipi to go in, but it actually didn’t. We both needed some time just to be Jodie and Craig with very little chat about work. We started our holiday at Disneyland Paris and the only talk that happened there was what rides the children wanted to go on next. After a couple of days here we travelled down to the South of France and took in everything that Antibes, Nice and Monaco had to offer.

After completing over 50 weddings and celebrations this year (with one more to go), time was needed to just enjoy the present what we were actually doing right there at that moment in time. We all spend so much of our time planning and thinking about the next big thing, that the holiday was about enjoying the thing we’d been planning and looking forward to for 6 months.


Most of our couples plan their wedding anywhere between 6 months to 2 years ahead. This can become very consuming, whether you are thinking about what you need to be crafting, buying next, discussing what’s on the list of items to book, attending wedding open days, talking to family and friends about it and even your hairdresser. As amazing as planning a wedding is, it should never consume you everyday. As a couple you need to take the time out to just be that, a couple.

So just like we took the time to enjoy being a family and not a family business for a week, my advice is do this too with your wedding planning and wedding talk. Why not make every Friday your date night but the “W” word is not to be spoken!!

But alas today is monday, so happy planning!!

Jodie x


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