Since the day Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement there has been huge speculation as to when the wedding will be and what will be involved in their big day. Thankfully, we found out when they are due to tie the knot pretty quickly and the 19th May 2018 is set to be a big day of celebration!


So, with that in mind, why not throw your own party to celebrate? We love the idea of having a big street party and gatherings when there is something fun to celebrate, and a royal wedding definitely fits the bill.

Get friends and family together, gather around the TV and watch the most anticipated wedding of the year take place. We love an excuse to spend time with friends and enjoy each others company and after watching the ceremony on TV we will certainly be doing that.

If you need a little help and some inspirational ideas for planning your royal wedding party keep reading.


  • A street party is always a good idea, get everyone together and encourage people to bring a plate of something and a bottle to involve everyone in the day.
  • If you have the room, hire one of our party sized tipis. We have the date available. A great place for people to gather and relax.
  • Decorate in patriotic style and get the red, white and blue bunting out. Lots of balloons, streamers and colourful confetti sets the perfect scene for this type of celebration.
  • Create a cocktail just for the occasion, or even have a cocktail making competition with your guests, with the best cocktail to meet the theme as the winner.
  • If this isn’t an occasion for fancy dress, we don’t know what is. Dress as your favourite royal could be the theme of the party. To do this in a more simple way you could buy some royal family masks or crowns and tiaras for your guests to wear.
  • With the bride being American, use this as a theme and cater for your party with hot dogs, hamburgers and fries.
  • If you are looking at something a little more subtle and on a smaller scale, afternoon tea would be perfect, with a glass of fizz to celebrate.


If you would like to book a tipi for your party celebration. Just get in touch below.