Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that planning an outdoor wedding or event isn’t something you do every day. So here at Sami Tipi, we have got it covered with our Frequently Asked Questions.

If we still haven’t answered your questions, please do not hesitate to drop the team an email, [email protected]

Where Can We Have It?

We have a selection of beautiful venues across the Midlands that can provide the perfect setting for our tipis. You can see these over on our venue page. This list is not exhaustive and is continuing to grow.

Alternatively, if you have your own site already or if you are looking to have your celebration in your own garden space, this is possible too. We are always happy to visit new sites and discuss the options with you.

Read more about finding the perfect outdoor venue on this blog post, which includes a handy download checklist – Read it HERE

How Much Space Do We Need

How much space you need depends on how many tipis you will need.  Each of our giant hat tipis are 10m wide and our chill out tipis are 8m wide.  So as long as there is enough space for the number of tipis you need and good access for a Land Rover, trailer and long-wheelbase van.

We provide tipis for events across the Midlands and surrounding areas. Delivery charges are calculated at cost price, based on the distance between your venue and our base. As a rule, we travel 90 minutes from our base at DE73 7JB.

Where is your base?

We are based in Swarkestone, Derbyshire. You are very welcome to pop over to Sami Tipi HQ to discuss your requirements. It is advisable to make an appointment to ensure there is a member of the team available to discuss your event plans with you.

How Many Tipis Do We Need?

The number of tipis you require depends on a number of factors. This includes the number of guests you are looking to celebrate with both daytime and evening. Other considerations are how you are planning on using the space and what else you will require in your space, for example, a bar, dancefloor, band area our open fireplace. We will take all of this into consideration when we recommend to you the number of tipis you need, however here is a handy guide for you;

2 Giant Hats – 50 to 80 daytime guests and evening guests up to 120
2 Giant Hats Plus Chill Out Tipi – 80 to 110 daytime guests and evening guests up to 150
3 Giant Hats – 110-130 daytime guests and evening guests up to 160
3 Giant Hats Plus Chill Out Tipi – 130 to 150 daytime guest and evening guests up to 180
4 Giant Hats – 150 to 180 daytime guests and evening guests up to 220
5 Giant Hats – 180 – 250 daytime guests and evening guests up to 300

What if it Rains?

When planning an outdoor wedding or celebration the one thing we get asked over and over again is what if it rains? We have got this covered in this blog post which is jam-packed full of all the information you will need to know.

Will I need to supply my own furniture?

We can supply a wide range of furnishings including tables, bench seating, chairs, open fireplace, staging, bars, dance floors, lighting and fairy lights. For further ideas on what we can offer you have a look at our Special Touches page

If you wish to get a little creative, we positively encourage this. We work with a number of fabulous stylists, who can help you to bring together your ideas and visions or of course you are welcome to do this yourself and fill your DIY creative boots, the tipis offer the perfect blank canvas for this.

Can We See The Tipis and Sailcloth Tent?

Yes, we have a number of open events throughout the year where you can see the tipis and Sailcloth Tent up in all their glory. Have a look here for our upcoming events;

Will We Require Toilets and Generator?

To make your tipi event function, you will require power and toilets. if your site does not offer power or organise the hiring in of an event generator, this is something we can do for you.

If you would prefer to organise your own generator, we will advise you on our power requirements.

Luxury Toilets

We work with a number of luxury toilet hire companies. We are happy to coordinate the hiring of these in for you, or we can recommend suppliers we have worked with in the past.

Here is a look at the Tipi coloured unit from Knifton Mobile Toilets;

What size unit will we require?

The size of your toilet unit and generator depends on your event requirements. The toilets are determined by your guest numbers, it is important to have the right toilet unit size so it can facilitate all your guests for your whole event time. The toilet unit will require power, which if you are powering off of a generator, it will plug into your distribution box. The toilets will operate with a chemical flush so does not require to be mains connected. They will provide hand washing bowls with running water, liquid hand soap and paper towels. AND yes they do come with toilet roll.

The generator size is mainly determined by your caterer, as they will have the biggest load demand, for items such as hot plates. When we organise your event generator, we will take into consideration all of your suppliers needs so we can ensure we have hired in the correct size unit for you.

Our tipi flooring is a woven matting called Dandy Dura, this is laid over a waterproof protective membrane. The matting is high heel proof, so you and your guests will be fine in heels whilst in the tipis. There is inevitably going to be a time when you will have to walk over the grass, whether this is to pop to the toilet or just enjoy the outside space, this is when the highest of heels will be a little difficult.

Yes. Often what you book is not what you end up with for your event, not because you cannot have it, but because your requirements will change and develop with your event plans. 6 weeks before your celebration date, we will host a final planning meeting with you, this is so we can ensure your floor plan works for your event needs and cover off all of your hire needs.