Over the last few weeks I have been exploring the option of having an outdoor wedding ceremony or even getting married in one of our stunning tipis. The perfect part of having a tipi wedding is that there are no rules, only the ones you as a couple make, leaving every aspect of the day open to do as you choose.

This week I am continuing to extend on catering and feeding your wedding guests. The freedom to have a fish and chip van, hog roast, pizza or large paella pans cooking away is so much more appealing and often more relaxed than the traditional sit down silver service meal.

This week we are hearing from our friend Nick from Pizza Monkey. Over to Nick;

Pizza for your outdoor catering

Looking for something that little bit different and unique for your wedding or event?  Then why not hire a Monkey?! Well maybe not an actual monkey but a Pizza Monkey!

With many venues costing a fortune and the combined hit of tying you in to using their caterers, more and more people are opting for the more relaxed festival style weddings. Festival or ‘DIY’ weddings allow you to be in control, they offer great flexibility with style and budget and provide a perfect opportunity to create an event that stands out from the masses!

This is where we can help. We like to think we provide a unique style of catering that offers the perfect balance of wow factor to make your event unique and memorable, whilst still remaining informal enough to allow your guests to relax and enjoy their evening.

Pizza catering for an outdoor wedding celebration

outdoor wedding catering

We are Pizza Monkey a friendly, mobile wood-fired pizza company. We have been running now for two years and in that time have successfully catered many weddings, festivals, corporate events, private parties and more. Below we have summarised why we think wood-fired pizza might just be that little something different you were looking for.

The concept

We have a specially made traditional clay oven mounted on a classy custom built trailer. We turn up with our oven and serve authentic Neapolitan pizza which is handmade and cooked right in front of your guests.  As the client you would choose 4 types of pizzas that we then serve throughout the evening. Large 14inch pizzas are cut in to slices and served on our homemade rustic wooden boards on our buffet table. You then have the option of accompanying these pizzas with fresh salads and garlic bread.

We come equipped with a large marquee that houses our oven, prep area and the buffet table.  This set up can then be tailored to the style of your event. There is the option of our more formal ‘white wedding/traditional Italian’ look with white marquee, white drapes, white table cloth and olives trees or the more informal ‘festival style’ with a black marquee, green tablecloth and colourful bunting.

While we are perfect for the evening food we can also fit the bill for a more relaxed informal wedding breakfast . Combine our tasty pizzas, salads and garlic breads with anti-pasti sharing platters to start and locally made delicious desserts we can have the whole meal covered!

Pizza Monkey catering tent with wood fire oven


Who doesn’t like pizza?? One of the great things about pizza is its ability to cover all bases when it comes to dietary requirements.  The veggie options are just as good and arguably better (it’s hard to beat a classic Margherita) than their meat counterparts.  Vegan cheese can be used to keep vegan’s happy, even gluten minimal (we cannot guarantee gluten free pizzas as we use the same oven) are available if requested.

With many dietary needs catered for it means no guest is left feeling short changed or left out from the main food offering and everyone can join in with the same experience.

pizza and salads casual dining perfect for and outdoor wedding

Value for money

Prices are unbelievably great value with prices start from as little as £6 a head for the 4 choices of pizza and then the full package of 4 pizza choices, two fresh salads and garlic bread starts from as little as £8.50 a head.


It’s not very often that you find authentic Neapolitan pizza, made in a proper clay oven in the middle of a field or in the back of your garden!

Although hog roasts, BBQs, cold finger buffets etc are all great they’ve kind of been done before.  We like to think that many guests won’t have seen anything like what we offer and our oven and what we are doing will become a real talking point of evening.

Nick from Pizza monkey and his pizza stove

Much more than the pizza

We like to think we offer more than just great food but a whole a pizza experience. Pizzas are made on site right in front of guest’s eyes, meaning this dining concept is just as much about the theatre and drama that comes with cooking with fire, as it is about the taste.

We make everything from scratch so guests get to see the fresh dough being tossed in the air, topped with some great ethically sourced toppings and then cooked in a real fire and in less than 2 minutes they are enjoying fresh tasty Neapolitan pizza.

bride eating fresh pizza at her outdoor wedding

And finally the taste!

While having a mobile pizza oven is certainly a novelty in itself we don’t let it stop there, we take the ‘pizza making’ bit very seriously!  All our pizzas are made from home-made fresh dough, made using special type ‘00’ Italian pizza flour and put through a traditional slow rise method. This creates a deliciously crispy yet chewing crust reminiscent of those straight out of the pizzerias of Naples. Combine this crust with Italian plum tomato sauce and a great selection of artisan meats and cheeses and you have a pizza that is simply hard to beat!

Whats more, unlike buffets that go stale, or hog roasts that go cold, our pizzas are being made constantly fresh throughout the evening, meaning that guests at the end of the night can experience pizza just as fresh as hours earlier.

Pizza catering at a tipi wedding (4)Pizza catering at a tipi wedding (1)

If you would like further information why not take a look at www.pizzamonkey.co.uk or call Nick on 07730578783 to discuss your requirements.