Donna & Kyen’s Sami Tipi Wedding

Real Wedding Wednesday – Donna & Kyen Donna and Kyen celebrated there wedding day in three of our giant...

Real Wedding Wednesday - Donna & Kyen's Sami Tipi Wedding at Bawdon Lodge Farm

Real Wedding Wednesday – Donna & Kyen

Donna and Kyen celebrated there wedding day in three of our giant hat tipis and chill-out tipi at the stunning setting of Bawdon Lodge Farm. What is special about their wedding, albeit a big wedding they still managed to plan everything within 6 months! With most weddings taking 12-18months to plan I asked Donna to share with us her tips to planning a tipi wedding, especially as they only gave themselves 6 months to do it.


Donna & Kyen’s Wedding Tips

1. Go for it! You have nothing to lose and married life to gain. Planning years in advance has its advantages but also why sit worrying about something so far in advance. If you know what you want your better off just going for it!

2. Keep calm! You can’t do anything until the weeks running up to your wedding apart from get the main things booked. Try not to overthjnk things and it will all fall into place.

3. Be creative and get pintrest! Things don’t have to cost a fortune!  There are fantastic creative ideas to be pinched and used on the www! Use those old pudding jars for decoration and spruce them up with some ribbon and glitter!

4. Take it all in and enjoy every moment! It’s a once in a lifetime experience and should be an exciting time as a couple to plan and look forward to your special day!

5. Don’t forget why! Don’t let the wedding industry consume you. At the end of the day you are getting married because you love each other, not because you want the most expensive extravagant wedding.

See the magic of their day

Suppliers Involved

Tipis – Sami Tipi

Venue – Bawdon Lodge Farm

Photography – Bill Haddon

Bell Tents – Bell Bliss

Catering – Dimbelbees

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