for Garden Celebrations

Luxury Dome Hire

Adding WOW to your next Garden Party!

Perfect for a romantic occasion or entertaining space for up to 6 people.

Full installation including the furniture.

Hire cost starts at £360.

Live. Love. Lounge.

Amidst the current situation, the world finds itself in it’s difficult to really just enjoy ourselves and forget about what’s actually going on. You’ve been stuck indoors for months, copy and pasting the same routine most days, it really can get you feeling down…

What if you could spruce up your day and have an exciting experience without needing to leave your garden? That’s where we come in!

Our luxury dining & lounging domes aren’t just a “cool” place to go and sit or eat, they’re much more. They create an entirely new experience and a well-needed distraction from everything else.

You can have your very own small intimate garden parties with your family, or even just sit outside and watch the stars with a glass of gin. The choice is yours.

Adding Your Special Touch

The best part about having your own dining dome to relax in is the little special touches you can add to make it yours. You can add a beautiful wooden floor, plenty of lights and decorations and even an electric fire to keep you warm during your cold night star gazing.

Don’t forget your choice of furniture, if it is a dining table and chairs for eating with family and friends or just a nice 2 seater lounge sofa to wind down after a long and stressful day.

Simply let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll help make sure it’s the perfect addition to your garden.

Luxury Clear Dome set up for a Birthday Diner Party

Dining Dome Packages

Lounging Domes Packages

From Sami Tipi to Your Back Garden

We deliver domes all over the East Midlands, as long as it’s within 1 hour from Sami Tipi HQ we’ll bring your dome all the way from HQ to your back garden.

If you’re unsure if we can get to you, or if your garden is big enough to fit a dome, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Otherwise, take a look at our coverage map to see if we can get to you!

But hurry, people all over the East Midlands are booking our luxury domes to try the totally unique and intimate experience in their very own garden.

Pub Setting

Looking To Hire For Your Pub?

Stand out from your competitors with a luxury dining dome experience in your very own beer garden!

We have various pricing options both for short and long term hire and also outright purchasing options, click the button below to find out more!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the hire for?

You can hire the dome for one night or a whole weekend.

How big are the domes?

Our Domes are 3.6m (12ft) in diameter and 2m high. They are constructed using 14 clear panels and give 10m2 of usable space.

How many people do they fit?

Our domes can seat 6-8 people as a cosy dining experience or chill-out area.

What surface can it be built on?

Our domes can be installed on any flat surface such as a deck, patio or lawned area.

What flooring do the domes have?

The domes come with a matted flooring on top of a waterproof membrane. We do have a wooden floor option too.

What area do you cover?

We are based in Derby DE73 and will travel up to an hour from here.

What is included?

Your hire will include the dome (fully erected and dismantled) and the flooring as standard plus any of our luxury extras which you chose from.

Can the domes be heated?

Yes, we have the option of an heater to keep you warm and cosy.

What happens if we have bad weather?

Our domes are of the highest quality and have been tested for safety in all weather conditions.