The Autumn Open Weekend – Welcome To The Jungle

Today we have another treat for you in the form of a little peek into the styling plans of...

Sami Tipi Autumn Open Weekend | Boelle Events

Today we have another treat for you in the form of a little peek into the styling plans of Cathy from Boelle Events for the Autumn Open Weekend.

We are really on the countdown to the open weekend now and tickets are booking fast! If you would like to reserve your place for the event you can book with us at the bottom of this blog.

For now, we will leave you with Cathy to tell you all about her wild plans!

CLB Imagery | Sami Tipi Autumn Open Weekend | Boelle Events


I am so excited to be back in the tipis for the Autumn Open Weekend.

I have loved all the weddings and events I have styled this summer. However, the Sami Tipi open weekend is one of my favorite events as it gives me a chance to really push myself creatively and explore new ideas that are constantly going around in my head.

This year has been particularly exciting for me as I have really embraced the ‘boho’. I have been working on turning Boelle Events eco-friendly and launching The Green Wedding Movement, which has encouraged me to work with sustainable accessories, chemical-free dyes, and organic materials. As a result of this, I have ended up with a collection of beautifully new bohemian stock.

FrankeeVictoriaPhotography | Sami Tipi Autumn Open Weekend | Boelle Events

Pinterest | Sami Tipi Autumn Open Weekend | Boelle EventsHaving travelled around Asia earlier this year, I will be basing this year’s tipi around the colours, jungles and cultures I came across on my trip. Throughout my whole trip I kept saying to myself ‘this would work for a wedding’, ‘I’m going to make one of them’ and ‘how cool would this look in a tipi?’’

Therefore this year I will be bringing to you a jungle tipi. With potted plants, heaps of green, bamboo, rattan, macrame and organic indigo dyes. I found my love for indigo dye in Thailand and actually discovered that it is a popular dye for wedding parties in Asia.

I can’t wait to show you that your personal experiences can be reflected on your big day to create something beautifully unique.

Let Your Outdoor Wedding Adventure Begin

We welcome you to bring along friends and family who will be helping you to plan your special day, so grab yourself and squad a ticket and let your outdoor wedding adventure begin! On both Saturday and Sunday we have split the day in to two sessions to ensure you have quality time with all of the fabulous suppliers joining us.

We cannot wait to welcome you to a weekend full of wedding loveliness at Cattows Farm, see you soon!

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