Why we insist on Tentipi

Believe it or not, NOT all Tipis are the same…

Tentipi Nordic Tipis are designed and developed in Lapland. They have been tried and tested in the rigours of the harsh environment there. Tentipi has always paid proper respect to the Sami kåta, the structure on which they are based.

Tentipi doesn’t use an off-the-shelf fabric for their tents. Instead, they’ve developed a special fabric with much better water repellent properties to keep you dry whatever the weather.

Tentipi tests their tents to destruction and creates detailed structural calculations for all configurations of single and linked tents so you can be happy that your structure will be safe.

Like us here at Sami Tipi, Tentipi has an obsessive attention to detail, resulting in the most beautiful events.

Insist on Authentic Nordic Tipis, Authentic to the core.

Sami Tipi insists on Authentic Nordic Tipis made by Tentipi and are proud members of ANTA, the Authentic Nordic Tipi Association.











Believe it or not, NOT all Tipis are the same